A reply I gave to my friend on LJ:    2005-03-16 10:08:05 ET
Regarding the Toronto art scene that you've been complaining about: Toronto's ego goes hand in hand with the architecture of the city. May not make all sense, but I'd compare its ego to a glass-blown structure. We're all glass blowers; its structure sustains its shape dependent on how we blow it up. It's made of scrap/tainted glass from wine bottles or local dumps (representing our dazed and confused multi-cultural (or lack of) philosophies. The bigger the glass blows up, the thinner the material. We want the glass to be big enough that everyone recognizes its integrity, so we keep pushing it thin. But really, like bottles containing "Fuji air" they sell in Japan, or like bottles containing "Las Vegas air" they sell at Nevada, contents within the glass is completely relative and is only important to the glass blower's ego: The glass blower says "I put all my efforts into this artwork (ego), you better damn appreciate it!" But really, to "C"onsumers, goddamnit, it's just your shitass breath in a glass bottle that bursts like lightbulbs in the oven. The only people who recognize your efforts are usually other glass blowers doing the same thing or thinking the same way. And damnit, every fuckin' person who hangs around in the post-/modernistic art-driven community are glass blowers. With so many people making crap bottles, where are they all gonna go?

Here's my thick-skinned analogy of how I interpret the big T dot O. It applies to all of us with a speech; of course it applies to this big thing I wrote on your journal too. It is a very sadistic take of this community but it's always been my feel of it.

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