2005-02-28 12:54:57 ET
Yesterday Bill & I did some outdoor nude shoot. With windshield it was -20C, completely amputating all nerves of my feet. It sounded so easy at first, but then when I soaked myself in the snow I took it back. I tried climbing up the hills of the construction sites & up the deer hunting platforms. The snow melted and my foot got sucked & frozen onto the metal surfaces, causing intense pain when ripping my feet off. I can't do treebranch chin-ups naked in the snow, but I can play pirates. Anyway, he was a nice guy, I was only expecting him to pay the standard 4-hour but instead got 75% more than I originally intended...he even bought me dinner, burnt me a CD & drove me home.

But because we had such a good conversation I forgot to pick up the CD after he burnt it, he forgot to tell me to pick it up too. Now he has to mail it to me. Now I have to wait anxiously.

But so far the "bonus" is already gone. The lock in my grandma's apartment is so rusted I snapped my key in 2 for trying too hard. Had to get a locksmith to break open the lock & replace it, costing $80. I already spent $25 yesterday night. Bought bus tickets. Yadiyadiyadah.

Now my blood is a little pumped & I want to get more modelling gigs.

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