2005-02-26 14:57:25 ET
Yesterday night Chris & I went to watch Bruce LaBruce's "The Raspberry Reich" (apparently his softcore version), followed by the band Cheerleader666 & Bruce's film "Skin Flick" (the hardcore version). Don't know why this sounds so silly, this is the first experience of watching porn with a boyfriend and it happens to be nazi gay men porn over a large screen with viewers cheering & clapping fanatically.

First thing I remember today is Chris saying, "THE REVOLUTION IS MY BOYFRIEND!"

* * *

Today's life drawing experience was very uneventful. I don't like OCAD people. This lady thinks she knows "studio ediquette". This teacher I had last semester was in the studio complaining about every little unecessary thing about the model's gestures and wouldn't drop it. All in all it was the most hostile experience I've ever had in an art class, including having to hear people screaming "shut up you people!".

* * *

BTW, my mom mentioned last week that there's no point of, and irresponsible for me to think about travelling, considering I don't even have secure income.

So I am hoping to hell I will have that by summer, so that it may justify my desire to visit So Cal & NYC & whereever.

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