2005-05-27 19:17:27 ET
I signed for Molly's contest the other day for kicks. I am completely prepared to the least amount of vote; in fact, I don't even know where those couple of votes are from.

Chris told me straight up: when it comes to going goth, it's the white girl's world.
Antony responded: I know. I tried finding pictures of myself looking goth for 2 days, but there's just...none! None at all!
Eric: The whiter the better.
Antony: I am not even white enough to pass as a Chinese! Walk down the street and I can hear black guys going "yo check out that philly's ass!"

So, hah. Vote for me. Even if I win I won't get the prize anyway, I don't live in the states.

* * * * *

(9 more days til I become 22)

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