hey, that animation is better than high quality anime production!
2005-04-07 09:02:52 ET


* * *

My 2nd set of photos got accepted into Suicide Girls.

2005-04-07 09:09:24 ET

its still on repeat and i clicked it 5 minutes ago.

2005-04-07 10:36:13 ET

fun times.

2005-04-07 10:37:56 ET


2005-04-07 10:38:43 ET

glad ya liked it :P

2005-04-07 10:56:37 ET

ars, you were supposed to show me your snuff from months ago of the set you took of yourself tied up with underwear down.

2005-04-07 12:14:26 ET

was i? i suppose so. i guess i'm obligated when my comp gets back, i'll show you a couple -- they aren't too good. you can see my tits though.

2005-04-07 20:56:14 ET

hey ars, for each one you show me I'll show you one outtake of the second set.

2005-04-08 01:23:44 ET

I've dated and/or slept with several suicide girls... which seems more odd than cool ...

2005-04-08 07:09:08 ET

furax, for some reason, it's not that surprising.

2005-04-08 12:48:12 ET

how about a suicide girl login? so i can download all the videos.

2005-04-08 13:17:17 ET

the videos suck, I'm telling you that as a person who care about your eyes' welfare.

I can't give you login's, I don't have them to give anyway.
You have to pay for it. I get credit if you buy it through my link.

2005-04-08 13:18:28 ET

oo sex

i've seen the vids and they do suck.

2005-04-08 14:19:58 ET

yeah I don't understand the purpose of the vids.
it's like "interview of the lamewad
camwhore of Olkahoma
Suicide Girl of the Month

2005-04-08 15:39:00 ET

i've seen some with some sex in them, but they aren't that good

that mary girl with the large titties has a couple vids.. but it's just her like rolling around a bed i think.

and the music is always bad and i turn it off

2005-04-08 19:04:02 ET

why would you EVER wanna be an SG?
'round Portland(aka SG-central)they are not revered very highly.

2005-04-08 21:26:20 ET

Ars, I think the whole argument is that they just want it to be softporn. They don't wanna see no penetrations going off.

Sinobyte, the reason for why anyone'd wanna be on SG is that they pay you well for something you've already done and shown to the world. Like if you are comfortable with your body and you've already shown it to everyone (like your nipple piercings), by submitting it to the pay site you get $300 + merchandise + a bunch of horny guys who'd eat up your artworks like hotcakes. There's really no loss to it. It's just free money & exposure. Imagine if you spent 2 days and did 3 sets of photos, you make $900 from it if you just wait it out.

2005-04-09 05:21:28 ET

you should be the first SG with a cock in your hand.. or maybe two

2005-04-09 08:35:33 ET

integrity is everything.
Hold your head high.

2005-04-09 10:49:06 ET

yo sinobyte you ripped your name off a guy i know

but yeh if i was in portland id prolly check out the blazers

2005-04-09 11:01:30 ET

i "ripped my name off???"

jeez i have had this name since '94 when i opened my Yahoo! acct.

I'm glad you like the Blazers...just don't try to be a 'flamer'

2005-04-09 11:30:04 ET

Ars, if I am interested in actually having a cock in my hand I won't be doing it for SG.

sinobyte, my head is so high up there the air's getting too thin for a 2nd person. I'm comfortable enough with my body that I don't have to rub my crotch, shake my ass nor push my titties to get on there and I'm glad I don't have to pretend to be a punk nor goth for it either. I ain't fuckin' nothin' on screen, but being naked is pretty comfortable.

2005-04-09 15:06:54 ET

oh im a flamer

you gotta stop rippin off names tho

2005-04-09 15:55:54 ET

in motive-
when you stop being an assh0l3 there man, i will.

and if you want proof of how long i have had this handle i suggest you research.

I have been on here since 2001 and only now do i get my share of troll/flammer/what-have-you.

I feel ripped off.

antony green - i have nothing against SG's
-I have had my share. Just wondering your motives...

2005-04-09 16:32:40 ET

dood im just playin, a dj from new york who does dnb named Edgyy also uses sinibite

thats on lj tho

i was just buggin cus sinibite is a common name to use for an industrial band/journal/videogame badguy or whathaveyou

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