FRIDAY! (08:11AM)    2004-10-28 21:14:18 ET
Finally, finally blessed friday.. At 04:00PM I'm going to do my foodshopping for the weekend, struggle my way (uphill) home and collapse on the couch :))
Tomorrow I won't be near the land of the living before noon or later! *JOY*
Gawd, I love to sleep :)

Hm, it snowed last night *brrr*

 Yupp, tired today!    2004-10-28 03:20:12 ET
Came home 10:40PM, phoned a friend and talked to her 'till 11:30PM, went to bed 12AM, read a very engaging book, dosed off around 02:00AM, had to go to the bathroom around 02:30AM, and the alarm went off at 05:45AM.
I think I was in a coma when I cam to work 07:00AM, can't remember how I got there :D
All I gotta do now is work up the courage to attack my apartement with the vacum-cleaner and other cleaning remedies.. Maybe I'll get visitors over tomorrow for some gaming :) Settlers, LOTR-Risk etc.
Yiiha, better get my mp3's on and rock around the place :-)


 Working after hours..    2004-10-27 08:52:35 ET
Gawd it annoys me that I'm going to spend two hours, from 8:30PM to 10:30PM, to discuss workrelated matters..Especially when I have to get up 05:45AM tomorrow.. baaad timing, if you ask me.
For the record, the time here is now: 07:50PM CET.
On the other hand, I will get two hours overtime for this, and be able to leave early from work som other time :)
Just slept like a log for about an hour.. my head feels heavy and not quite awake yet. Should make som interessting obervations from my part on the children :D
Well, better go get a cigarette while I still have some free time.

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