seasonal bullshit!
2009-03-01 16:55:57 ET

So I'm cramping like crazy and I go to get a heating blanket from Target. To my dismay, I was told that they do not carry those, that they have been discontinued (I don't he was using that word correctly) and heating pads and blankets are seasonal items and they are sold out and phasing into spring items. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
That is NOT a seasonal item. People get back aches and all kinds of reasons they need a heating pad, and those reasons don't occur within a specified 2-3 month time frame a year.
So I'm going to call Target corporate tomorrow and bitch.
or email at
Who is with me?!?
..and to think I was a die hard Target fan up until 7pm today.

2009-03-01 17:20:27 ET

I agree that it sucks, and that people might need those year round, but from a business perspective, there's probably not much incentive for them to sell them year round. I would complain anyway though, surely they could have 1-2 selections during the "off season" so to speak, and then the big selection in the winter. that would make everyone happy!

2009-03-01 17:29:53 ET

i work at target, and somene asked for this exact thing today. I'm as suprised as you

" we only carry them during winter" WHY

2009-03-01 17:34:08 ET

They have those heated patches now. Some for pms back pain etc.


2009-03-01 17:55:25 ET

That kid is dumb - my target sells heating pads but they are in the pain medicine aisle with advil & ben gay & crap. He probably had no clue where they were so he made it up.

Or maybe Target in Michigan has them all year cause it's winter 85% of the time here?

2009-03-01 19:47:58 ET

they sell them at the same place at walmarts, he may have just been totally retarded and was just thinking a whole heating blanket, which yes is seasonal... I would hit up walmart or go back to target and check the pharmacy isle's like jolie said

2009-03-02 12:57:40 ET

I'll do all that. The BS within that is more ridiculous since it was 40 degrees last night, and snowing in other places.

2009-03-02 13:19:32 ET

try walgreens.

2009-03-02 16:30:04 ET

I use the like single use heating pads when I can't find anything else.

2009-03-02 17:06:22 ET

when i workd at anna's linens we only had heating blankets during fall and winter.

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