the sacrifice is successful
2003-07-17 15:53:45 ET

working at home is overrated. i'm on the verge of exhaustion. and i have major cabin fever. i have to get out of here for a bit. maybe i'll chill out at pyramid tonight. for the weekend...powerpoint presentation, some jacket revises. oh joy. not much to report, i've been a fairly boring person recently. work is my life now. i'm just thankful that it's been relatively cool for this time of year. time to go convert some jpg's.

2003-07-17 16:02:14 ET

haha there were signs up all around my town for "work at home" things, but i guess some disgruntled unsatisfied worker went around and spraypainted all over them letting out their sentiments.

2003-07-17 16:25:50 ET

yea...i never realized the importance of keeping the work space and the chill space seperated.

2003-07-17 21:02:45 ET

you're never boring so there!

now let us have sex O_o

2003-07-17 22:58:47 ET

you have to come to nyc first!

2003-07-17 23:01:30 ET

i know i do <pouts>

ill get there....must move to l.a.

2003-07-17 23:05:50 ET

im glad you had fun out there. i had the pleasure of meeting accelerated state and shutter from the LA area. good peoples

2003-07-17 23:11:02 ET

yes yes...we'll all have to make it out there again...i know i will be as soon as i can afford it

2003-07-17 23:13:20 ET

i wanna vist the LA scene one day...

2003-07-17 23:16:22 ET

you should, it's fully eaten me up at this point

2003-07-18 06:36:09 ET

maybe sometime this fall...

2003-07-18 11:40:21 ET

by the way, i recieved and am listening to the symbiotic cd. and it ownz in all ways immaginable!

now i have something new to go around town blaring ^_^

2003-07-18 11:41:03 ET

and i saw im in the thanks section!

you own, my friend (:

2003-07-18 13:23:28 ET

hehe, i hope you enjoy!

2003-07-20 19:15:27 ET

yes, but work=CASH!

2003-07-20 19:25:24 ET

yea, the money's been good...but man o man, i'm working way too hard for it

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