lycanthropes, vampires, oh my
2003-07-21 17:10:17 ET

[ mood | exhausted ]
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i bought a few books this past weekend. the once and future king by t.h. white. the wanting seed by anthony burgess. and narcissus in chains by laurell hamilton. so far i am halfway through narcissus. and i never thought i'd say this but there is a bit too much kinky sex going on. i have the sneaking suspicion that all this book amounts to is a supernatural bodice-ripper.
been working like a dog, that hasnt changed. looking forward to friday. planning a jersey trip, if i dont have to work.

2003-07-21 17:12:21 ET

you are the first person i've seen use the word bodice-ripper in a serious context. congratulations.

2003-07-21 17:15:43 ET

lol. thanks..i think

2003-07-21 17:45:47 ET

a bit too much kinky sex!? A BIT TOO MUCH KINKY SEX!?

<feels your forehead to check for fever>


2003-07-21 17:53:36 ET

yea, i know i know. i never thought i'd ever say that

2003-07-21 17:54:48 ET

where's bio when ya need him

we could fix you up good, mister!

2003-07-21 17:55:52 ET

now the burroughs novel "naked lunch" may have had a bit too much kinky gay sex.....but i never heard anyone complain about that.

2003-07-21 18:29:09 ET

bio is the king of kinky gay sex

naked lunch didnt bother me as much. hmmm

2003-07-21 20:56:36 ET

now thats scary. lol

2003-07-21 22:00:49 ET

Some books are thinly veiled excuses for soft porn, heh heh. Especially some science fiction; it boggles the mind.

2003-07-22 00:07:54 ET

this is very true, actually

2003-07-22 04:44:47 ET

well some authors are obviously obsessed with sex. not that there is anything wrong with that...but a little bit more actual content around all the sex would be appreciated.

the most ridiculous example of thinly veiled porn was 'firefly' by piers anthony. geez! :x

2003-07-25 18:09:04 ET

Normally I can't get enough kinky litature that is...;p(actually neither statement is true heh) I know what you mean though. I for some strange reason decided to read the first out of the Anne Rice sleepy beauty about 1/4 the way through and couldn't handle any more.

2003-07-26 04:16:29 ET

another great example!

2003-07-26 08:41:49 ET

oooh i read was actually something very entertaining to read at work and sit behind the counter and snicker at. and believe it or not, it wasn't too much kinky sex for me at all.

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