missed outside
2003-07-25 16:04:29 ET

[mood | sleepy ]
[ music | rising son [underworld mix] - massive attack ]

about to roll out to q's tonight. i'm hopin to hang out with the jersey crew, especially tom and missy [they are up from texas] saw 28 days later. it was acceptable. not as scary as people were saying. the ending was somewhat wack. ditto for pirates of the carribean. it started out promising...but the end left me scratching my head. went shopping, spent way too much on a SDL vest and pants. what a fool i am. well, gotta jet.

2003-07-25 16:05:32 ET

You should've told them to pick me up!!! lol j/k

2003-07-25 16:19:09 ET

i wouldnt say fool...just a fashion victim...i know lots of people who spend too much bling on clothes...but hey do what pleases you best...

2003-07-25 18:42:13 ET

28 days later still sounds like a bad resident evil rip off to me

although i have yet to see it

2003-07-25 19:28:45 ET

of course resident evil sucked ass just as well....the movie that is...

2003-07-25 22:04:01 ET

hmmm...i liked the movie but that was just me

although too much attention was on the girls...<ahem>..the game was BOTH A GUY AND A GIRL

oh well

2003-07-26 04:18:10 ET

PE: i'll send my private jet right away =P

TS: i have not seen resident evil, so i can make no comparisons. it was well done...except the end left me feeling hollow.

2003-07-27 13:27:08 ET


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