i built the enemy, i built a tower to heaven
2003-08-01 09:20:22 ET

[ mood | busy ]
[ music | zionsank-cut.rate.box ]

and the beat goes on. endless work. if i don't get out of this house, i'm going to seriously snap. also, i need to get paid. dead broke again. need to get out to jersey soon. i never ended up going last week, too much shit going on. reading 'the wanting seed' pretty insightful look into overpopulation. a good song title, i might write about it at some point.
don't forget! symbiotic plays batcave 30 august. be there!

2003-08-01 09:56:29 ET

Yo man... I think we're rocking Q's tommorrow... for the first time in YEARS.
Be there. :)

2003-08-01 10:34:27 ET

Yeah, what she said.

2003-08-01 12:00:15 ET

im too broke to make it to jersey this weekend. i'll try to get there, but i may be forced to lay low in nyc. justine—how long you gonna be around?

2003-08-01 12:09:43 ET

Just this weekend. Borrow money.

2003-08-01 16:11:57 ET

<wishes he could be there>

2003-08-02 20:28:45 ET


2003-08-03 11:41:08 ET

I wish I could come see the show, I never got to see the music video because my computer is a pile of shit.

2003-08-07 06:50:30 ET

squee: that would be awesome!

insomnia: sorry i couldnt make it, but next time you're in town...dinner's on me

everyone else: maybe we'll get some video footage this time

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