are we the stream of life or the fallen leaves drifting away?
2003-08-09 07:13:08 ET

[ mood | horny ]
[ music | slave-symbiotic ]

thursday: had dinner at yakitori with biomechanic, chrissie, kathy and total eclipse. shay is visiting from israel, so we decided to take him over to pyramid...after a few pitchers of beer to pregame. it was pretty fun. i drank a bit too much. heh.

friday: met up with some friends for lunch at union square. good eats. excellent tater tots at the heartland brewery. headed south to catch a flick, unfortunately the only thing playing within the hour was 'johnny english' i do not recommend this to anyone. at least not in the theater. it was quite the letdown. after that, we took a leisurely stroll down to tenessee mountain for beer and ribs. met up with many friends there. had an enormous dinner, some drink and life is good. met up with shay again and we headed into newark to rock qxt's. it was insanely packed. the music was decent. got to chill with the jersey crew. i was pretty exhausted by this time so i couldn't really party that hard. but shay had a good time, so that's all good. got home at 4:30-ish and slipped into a semi-coma.

tonight, batcave time. should be good. in other news: i am mad horny. i have no idea why.

2003-08-09 07:20:22 ET

Wow, seems like you life is full. Thats good.

2003-08-09 07:32:02 ET

Oh yeah, I was rockin the semi-coma when I got back too ^_^

I think I even passed out for a bit on the subway :)

Thanks for takin me everywhere Gus! You rock!

See ya tonight :)

2003-08-09 07:35:56 ET

bebe: it only seems like that, my life is typically boring

TE: yea man...i'll bring some of my music tonight so you can check it out. and spread it all over israel!

2003-08-09 07:40:18 ET

Spread like wildfire!! (well, there only are a couple of clubs anyway, and I know all the DJs :))

2003-08-09 08:31:04 ET


2003-08-09 08:39:12 ET


First Israel, then, the WORLD!!@O#!@@#$$##!

2003-08-09 08:40:19 ET

i think i'm gonna be at batcave tonight a lot of SK people hang there....

2003-08-09 08:47:54 ET

w00t w00t

2003-08-09 09:13:16 ET

dara: if you come out, dont forget to say hi!

2003-08-09 09:32:07 ET

how would i recognize you though?

2003-08-09 10:22:52 ET

i wear thick framed glasses [nerd glasses] and i am asian. also i'll probably be wearing knee high new rock boots and a SDL shirt with plastic tubes riveted on in the front. look at my gallery to see the shirt.

2003-08-09 10:43:07 ET

i wish to meet shay!
<-jealous ;-)
and hmm im not horny...yet

2003-08-09 11:23:42 ET

yea, shay is good times

its wierd, im not much of a horndawg normally

2003-08-09 16:48:39 ET

Lars, don't believe a word, Gus is a womanizer if I saw one.

And there's enough Shay for everybody. ^_^

2003-08-09 20:48:42 ET

you're probably just horny cause shay is there

gosh darnit, i want to be horny with shay! o_O

2003-08-10 09:26:20 ET

It's understandable Lars.

2003-08-10 11:52:46 ET

i'll leave you two alone

2003-08-10 12:56:34 ET

Why does this keep happening..?

2003-08-10 13:16:06 ET

its destiny, shay...destiny

<wink wink nudge nudge>

2003-08-10 13:24:21 ET

Sweet jesus.

2003-08-10 15:34:01 ET

no, name's ralph..not jesus

2003-08-10 15:40:15 ET

I'll call you whatever I want, Buttercup. ^_^

2003-08-10 15:55:21 ET


well fiiine! ;-)

2003-08-11 04:35:19 ET

LoL. Maya asked me last night 'what IS it with you guys??'

I didn't know quite how to explain our constant journal contamination habbit.

2003-08-11 23:35:30 ET


ive actually been asked that by certain people as well

and...well...yeah....we're just special, dammit.
thats a good enough reason!
<clings onto you like a lost puppy>

2003-08-12 04:45:20 ET

LOL :)

Uhm, I think i said something along those lines too :)

2003-08-12 08:44:26 ET

its so two were meant for each other.

2003-08-12 11:34:45 ET

'tis true!

2003-08-12 17:27:11 ET

I think I'm gonna throw up :]

2003-08-12 20:03:42 ET


only if i get to throw up too!!!

2003-08-13 07:02:45 ET

you're one sick monkey, you know that..?

2003-08-13 21:07:43 ET


2003-08-15 20:45:37 ET

Heard some of your music on accelerated's car stereo...Much of it was quite impressive...Kudos!

2003-08-15 22:27:04 ET

yes, symbiotic OWNZ.

by the way, 'twas i who originally told =ac= about 'em ;-)

and why is that?
cause im symbiotic's numba one fan!

das right.

2003-08-16 05:38:15 ET

rivet: thanks!

TS: yes you are...i am still workin on getting you more copies...

2003-08-16 07:34:16 ET

*bows down*

\m/ Symbiotic \m/

2003-08-16 08:02:14 ET

Wait, horney is a mood?

2003-08-16 10:35:12 ET

TE: you reallly like it?

bebe: of course ;-)

2003-08-16 14:20:49 ET

alrighty, thanks alot man

whenever you can get around to it (:

2003-08-16 18:11:41 ET



\m/ Symbiotic \m/

2003-08-16 23:30:57 ET

i second that :-D

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