2003-08-23 16:25:05 ET

[ mood | tired ]
[ music | some song from tony hawk 3 ]

equilibrium just made my all time favorite movie list. i recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
rocked the mountain last night with chrissie and my bro. then i trekked out to qxt's. got there around 1:45...hung out with the boys. then watched equilibrium in the morning with chris. rocked a diner chill then back to nyc. bought equilibrium on the way home and watched it AGAIN. batcave tonight...i should be working but i REALLY don't feel like it. hope to see some of you out and about. and don't forget, my EBM band, symbiotic plays batcave next week! be there!

2003-08-23 17:50:39 ET

It was an ok movie I thought..I dunno..I just didn't think it was as mindblowingly awesome as so many people say. I found it entertaining, but too predictable.

Then again, this is coming from the person who LOVES the New Star Wars movies ;P

2003-08-23 18:41:02 ET

I thought that movie kicked ass :)

2003-08-23 22:12:57 ET


equilibrium is definately one of my all time faves as well

2003-08-25 02:10:01 ET

One of my all time favorites too. I was actualyl a lucky bastard and saw it in the movie theatre when it came out. I was like blown away; it was so radicactastic.

2003-08-25 04:41:00 ET

5: i have to say i enjoyed equilibrium much more than the new star wars movies =P

squee: i agree! i was pleasantly surprised.

TS: good stuff

DP: wow, you are lucky...i thought it went straight to dvd. i cant believe i missed such a nugget

2003-08-25 05:22:12 ET

It was weird. I was looking at the movie listings and I saw the title and thought, "That sonds interesting for some reason." I looked it up online and then realized, holy crap; this sounds awesome! It was truely a blessed moment :D

2003-08-25 05:25:49 ET

christian bale was the man in that movie. and i loved all the clothing and costumes. tight!

2003-08-25 12:31:14 ET

I triple heart Christian Bale. The clothing did, in fact, rule. Man, when I move to NYC, we can have a movie night where we watch that, talk about it, then watch it again, hahaha.

2003-08-25 15:18:06 ET

no doubt...i just watched it again! i wanna be a grammaton cleric!

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