work, playstation2 and parties
2003-09-10 07:19:40 ET

work is a constant nuisance as always. went to a party last night to celebrate the end of the softball season. good times. supposed to hang out with mismonster from sk tonight. i'm hungry...time to fire up some pasta. i doubt i'll be able to go out thursday or do much of anything this weekend because of work. that is definately not clutch. been rocking some PS2 while i wait for files to spool and distill, one of the few benefits of working from home. oh and the weather is lovely today...fall seems like its around the corner.

2003-09-10 11:00:22 ET

Did you SURVIVE the party?

I want the pictures.
For incrimination's sake.


2003-09-10 11:31:32 ET

i do the best running man

2003-09-10 19:29:45 ET

HI! How's the hanging out going? ;)

2003-09-10 19:38:13 ET

oh my god! mismonster is online while in NY?! ;-P

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