don't turn your back on me
2003-09-12 10:14:57 ET

[ mood | tired ]
[ music | faint-linkin park ]

work is crashing down on my head. have to head into the office next week. meeting colin at the mountain tonight. i need to get the tape of our batcave show. probably wont stay out long. have to get an early start tomorrow. possibly rock batcave tomorrow. not much else going on. i wont be able to go to new orleans for holloween this year. maybe i'll take a small weekend trip somewhere...any suggestions?

2003-09-12 10:42:35 ET

you could always head to foggy bottom and slum around corners with a bottle of cheap wine

2003-09-12 11:52:11 ET

No New Orleans weekend trip? That's outrageous.

and god damnit.
why isn't there anything to do tonight?

2003-09-13 10:03:18 ET

Oh man.. I was thinking of hitting N.O. for halloween this year.
How is it? Have you done it before? Is it crazy crowded?

2003-09-13 11:23:47 ET

automata: haha, right!

bio: didnt you get a call from mismonster? she was looking for something to do last night so i gave her your number.

storm: yea, its pretty crowded..the parade is nuts. but its a lot of fun. definately worth it!

2003-09-13 11:26:27 ET

believe me.
I rolled in at 3:00 from Q's and I was like "WHO THE FUCK CALLED ME FROM A 760 NUMBER?! WHAT TEH FUCK IS 760?!"

she called and I was already on my way to thedirtyplace.

goin' out tonight?

2003-09-13 13:37:50 ET

yea, i think i need to blow off some stress

2003-09-14 12:39:18 ET

Holy land, Israel.

2003-09-14 17:49:06 ET

Aaah, when you told me of the show on aug 30th, I had no idea where it was - and then yesterday I was in the city and passed by the batcave : / But at least i know for the future, which I mean to say, when/where is your next show sir?
I've been here in White Plains for two weeks now - it's nice to be closer to the city, and out of Jersey.

2003-09-14 21:59:03 ET

oh, hey, i forgot you were moving to NY... i thought you were still in NJ, Miss Suicides

2003-09-15 17:13:18 ET

nope, said goodbye to nj a couple weeks ago, thankfully : D

2003-09-15 19:26:54 ET

IX: one day

bath: we dont have one currently booked but i'll let you know. welcome to ny!

2003-09-15 20:54:10 ET

Damn! Caller ID! I've been found out. hehee

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