party weekend
2003-10-06 07:10:29 ET

Current mood: confused
Current music: dead lines - skinny puppy

friday after many meetings...i came home and took a nap while biomechanic played PS2. then decided to head out to qxts. chilled with the jersey crew...too many to list...i'll be here all day doing that. stayed in jersey for the night and most of the next day, just chillin. it was damn nice not to have to worry about work for a little bit. back to ny in time to change/shower and get ready for batcave. i had forgotten that it was the vnv nation DJ tour. the place was packed. i caught a little bit of one of their sets. they played almost all vnv songs and remixes [from what i could gather] but this is me walking around and not really paying attention. and the whole open to 6am thing sounds great on paper but i was ready to pass out. i'm way too old to party that long! again, many people were there too many to list. but it was a good night, fun for everyone. a wild and wooly week of work for me is ahead.

symbiotic plays qxt's on october 12th! be there!

'for another day memories are calling'

2003-10-06 08:03:24 ET

He should've just played all the VNV nation albums one after another.

I invented QXT's.

2003-10-06 13:14:20 ET

id love to catch the dj tour when it hits here, just dunno if ill have the money yet

symbiotic needs to do a nation-wide tour yo!

...or at least come to the west coast ;-)

2003-10-06 14:47:17 ET

I remember when I used to go to clubs they'd all finish at 5am. Which was like an hour or two before the trains home. Used to eat wang.

And you need to tape the entire show and digitise it for me, damnit!

2003-10-07 04:52:56 ET

bio: yep...that would have been pretty much the same

turbo: haha, we need to get some more support before we can make it out there. no one has heard of us!

slaad: we actually do have a show on tape...but i have not been able to digitize it or even view it for that matter!

2003-10-07 07:31:24 ET

you send me da promo material, i pimp you guys all over the place

ive said it before and ill say it again, you deserve all the publicity you can get

you guys rock ;-P

2003-10-07 13:21:45 ET

Well get your ass into gear, Mr Trigger. ;)

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