the autoban
2003-10-22 08:10:56 ET

[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | fifty-fifty clown ]

havent posted in awhile...been crazy busy the past few days...hmm, lets see. lets pick up from friday. got a call from cambria and angie on friday...they are in from LA to hang out. they come over and hang out while i finish up some work at home. then we head out to contempt at remote lounge. the venue was a voyeurs dream...but the sound system was wack! no sub-woofers meant fisher price sound. anyway, the best thing about the venue was the hundreds of cameras that were everywhere and the consoles they had set could take control of a camera and look around, flip through the different cameras and talk to ther people via phone. pretty cool idea.
worked all day saturday...what a rough day. then rolled out to batcave pretty late. had some fun, then rocked 7A with joe, ellie, and rachel. home to rack. sunday was even more work...went to bed around 3am. sick! anyway, speaking of sick..i may be coming down woth something. went to the office yesterday...finally done with the catalog. now, time to start my next book project which is due in 5 days. ack! wish me luck!

2003-10-22 08:14:37 ET

good luck!!!!!!!!

2003-10-22 08:30:15 ET

good luck! hope u r arent coming down with anything too bad

2003-10-22 08:40:53 ET

thanks guys!!!!

2003-10-22 10:37:53 ET

Much luck your way! Take some vitamins, stock up on juice and water. No getting ill!

2003-10-22 10:58:09 ET

thanks...i took a vitamin today. i hope that it helps...

2003-10-22 11:00:43 ET

i is jealous of cambria and angie!

2003-10-22 11:09:26 ET

"i is jealous of cambria and angie!" TOO!

2003-10-22 11:09:31 ET

[double vision]

2003-10-22 14:31:34 ET

Whoa, that remote lounge sounds awesome! i want to chill there. Good luck with your project!

2003-10-22 16:19:28 ET

TS: when the hell are you coming out here?
DP: yea, its a cool place to chill out. thanks!

2003-10-22 17:19:23 ET

good luck. :)

2003-10-22 18:17:07 ET

thanks squee!

2003-10-22 18:51:50 ET

anytime darlin' :)

2003-10-23 09:13:56 ET

once i have money and..stuff.. ;-P

2003-10-23 14:35:19 ET

yea, money is good

2003-10-23 19:22:21 ET


2003-10-24 10:33:47 ET

money isnt good

just necessary


2003-10-24 18:01:27 ET

Money is only good if you're the one in posession of it.

Money = One way street

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