why cant we go back?
2003-11-04 09:27:53 ET

[ mood | rushed ]
[ music | why cant we go back-dj decisive ]

since the last post...hmmm. 95% of my life is work related. not even worth going into...lets just say i am one busy bee. halloween was a total wash for me, too much work. managed to make it out saturday for batcave...hung out with the NJ crew most of the night. everything was fine until i left to get a cab...then blam, i get hit by a SUV. the bastards didnt even stop. still feel like shit from it...a dull ache in my torso. more work now...gotta get back to it. i've been utterly boring the past 2 months. sigh.

2003-11-04 09:36:23 ET

dude that sucks you got hit by a SUV, have you been to be checked out or anything?

2003-11-04 09:53:08 ET

Holy crap! I'm glad you are ok. Goddamn it; people who drive irresponsibly...I can't even tell you how much that pisses me off. i mean, of course it should, but it really pisses me off. I'm sorry work is taking over your life lately; do you at least enjoy what you do?

2003-11-04 10:03:41 ET

DY: i'm fine...just got the wind knocked out of me. things like that make you realize that being alive is good.

DP: i guess its better than diggin ditches. =) no, but its cool...i like creating things...especially books. i'm such a freak for books.

2003-11-04 11:58:01 ET

damn, I'mma glad you're ok!

2003-11-04 12:53:24 ET

thanks axo...it was a real life-affirming experience. i keep thinking..welp, at least i'm not dead!

2003-11-04 14:55:03 ET

geeze... getting hit by moving vehicles sucks majorly

2003-11-04 15:05:26 ET

no doubt

2003-11-04 17:53:42 ET

Awww <3 <3 <3
I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-11-04 17:56:45 ET

Damn SUVs! But seriously that sucks... hope you feel better <3

2003-11-05 05:28:33 ET

i feel better already...the love from you guys has healed me =)

2003-11-06 13:06:26 ET

Woah. Good to hear you're doing well man.

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