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2003-11-17 08:38:47 ET

[ mood | restless ]
[ music | sleep-conjure one ]

here is my weekly post for the 2 of you who actually bothers to read this crap. firstly, we got offered a last-minute gig to open for crocidile shop at conduit. we reluctantly agreed. so for anyone in the area, we'll be appearing saturday, november 29th at conduit in trenton, NJ. i have no details on doors or times, i'll post them when i find out more. also, we have a show 2 weeks after that at revolution in philly. not much info for that show yet, but i know the cover is $5. it will be our very first philly show as symbiotic. so all you philly peeps turn out and support us!
the past weekend was good, went out to one world : one sky friday night. it was refreshing to NOT hear the same songs that i hear everywhere else. i recognized maybe 1 song an hour which is pretty good if you are in the mood for something a bit different. left around 3:30ish. came home and sat online for a bit then time to sleep. saturday was pretty much a waste of a day...did nothing all day. the usual saturday night excursion to you know where. i was a bit down all night - but i was determined to have fun damnit! i just needed a little push...sometimes that push can only come from within..and from several beverages.
sunday was again a total waste, i could barely gather the energy to roll out of bed. found out a friends step dad died, that was a bummer. couldnt make the wake unfortunately, but i'll send a card. in other news, have been reading 'quicksilver' by neal stephenson. so far so good...excellent, in truth. ok, time to get back to work.

2003-11-17 08:52:35 ET

OooOOo good luck! Wish I could be there..!

I've been wasting away my weekdays, not weekends, but I still sympathize :)

2003-11-17 10:08:50 ET

yea, i know. 3 months in the states and somehow you managed to miss ALL of our shows!

2003-11-17 10:28:32 ET

Oh I wish I could see one of your shows! If you're ever in Canada I will definately check out your band. Whats the book about?

2003-11-17 11:13:51 ET

I know :((

I even missed insubordinate here, and I was in her (small) hometown. :(

2003-11-17 11:27:08 ET

Aww why didn't you PM me?! I've NEVER met a single person from SK before. You coulda been my first :(

2003-11-17 11:47:43 ET

*sniff* I DIDN'T KNOW!! Like a week afer I left Ontario I saw it in your bio.

2003-11-17 11:57:04 ET

insubordinate: i wish you could see one of our shows also. i think we're a ways from playing in canada...i guess toronto wouldn't be out of the question. though we would have to get much more popular before that can happen! the book takes place in the 1600's..its sort of a prequel to 'cryptonomicon' all about politics, science, newton, hooke, leibniz...all the great thinkers of that era. its fiction, with some real historical events thrown in. but its funny as hell...as well as being very well written. btw, razed in black played near me this saturday and i missed it =(

TE: well, you'll just have to move to nyc like you planned!

2003-11-17 12:47:41 ET

ive said it before and ill say it again

i gotta get to ny ;-P

2003-11-17 14:07:41 ET

And I missed your show by like, 24 hours! Grrr!!!

2003-11-17 14:20:59 ET


'tis not all so easy.. *sigh*

2003-11-17 14:22:07 ET

Razed in black played right near me too!! But it was 19+ *sniffles*

2003-11-17 14:34:24 ET

19+? That's an odd age cap.

2003-11-17 19:09:19 ET

come to connecticut, pretty please. <3

2003-11-18 10:57:01 ET

TS: yes...yes you do

mismonster: one week!

TE: all in good time...

insub: awww, that sucks! next time!

squee: i can try to book a show at flux...

2003-11-18 11:00:33 ET

ONE WEEK! Well, it felt like 24 hours.

2003-11-19 12:00:46 ET

19 is the drinknig age here in canada

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