i am just your temporary toy
2003-12-17 06:08:56 ET

[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | the best of you - float ]

so the philly show went better than i expected. not much to report, i screwed up the new track (a moment in time)...read off of the lyric sheet while on stage. hehe. also, blew one line in chemical...but overall, it was fun. we may have enough loot to think about getting some shirts printed up. woohoo! have to give props to all of my boys which made it possible...jarv, kaliss, don and chris.
the days since have been filled with work. and game boy advanced. i'm hooked on final fantasy tactics. its a good diversion while i commute to work. hmm...going to hartford on friday to visit a friend...should be back for batcave. havent been in so long! i miss all my batcave friends. have to go christmas shopping now. ugh. no use procrastinating...better get to it.

2003-12-17 06:24:00 ET

Sure sounds a whole lot fuckin' better than what I'm doin.

2003-12-17 06:26:11 ET

You really need to bring a Show to TX. lol

2003-12-17 07:05:14 ET

if/when you get shirts printed up, send one here!
ill pay for it! :)

2003-12-17 07:14:31 ET

ahh yes, I'll buy a shirt!

2003-12-17 07:48:54 ET

i saw you guys in philly on saturday and was thoroughly impressed. do you have any songs online i could download?

2003-12-17 09:40:44 ET

blacksteam: the grass is always greener on the other side!

300: we arent that popular yet!

blu&300: we'll make it happen...we need shirts for free advertising

symmetric: i'm glad you enjoyed the show! our site is http://www.symbiotic.tv
we have a couple of downloads there

2003-12-17 09:46:45 ET

awesome, thank you.

2003-12-17 10:23:59 ET

yes, more culturally diverse scenesters.

btw, i am dj_khaosgott, but u can call me don

2003-12-17 10:44:36 ET

yes........but you still can. ^_______^

2003-12-17 11:16:32 ET

symmetric: i hope you enjoy the mp3's

DJ: hey don, great to make your aquaintance!

300: lol...you never give up. not making any promises...but i will try

2003-12-17 11:17:49 ET

same to you bro.

it's nice to meet other musical artists out there apart from the onece i know in my city 8:D

2003-12-17 11:17:56 ET

hahaha, nope. hehehe. It would be great!

2003-12-17 11:19:49 ET

then do a canadian tour ;D

2003-12-17 11:41:52 ET

yay shirts!

also, if you're still wanting to send me some more cd's so i can pass 'em around, you can send them to janelle's address, addressed to my name, if i dont manage to get a perminant address before you get around to that.


2003-12-17 13:37:53 ET

DJ: meeting people rules

300: trust me, i'd love to play TX...and canada!

turbo: hehe, i know i keep promising you...but they are going as fast as i can make them!

2003-12-17 20:48:14 ET

bro u should check out my newest journal entry and check out my newest track.

not quite the same style of music as you make, but i'm sure you can appreciate it 8;D

also goggles forevah!

2003-12-18 07:00:43 ET

U ought to read my jounal man. or have u been?

2003-12-18 11:54:56 ET

whenever you get around to it bro (:

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