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2004-01-03 08:46:41 ET

[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | worlock - skinny puppy ]

new years eve...went out to support dj cyn at CBGB's gallery. it was kinda dead...and i wasnt too much into the live acts (vulgaris and the empire hideous) still i managed to eke out a little fun. the highlight of the evening was when i was leaving, i met these two DJ's from germany. we chatted about music for a bit...then i left to have tacos with joe, ellie and grendel.
didnt get to sleep until 4am...which is bad since i only got 3 hours of sleep. then off to my there before 9am. which they wanted...but for no reason. grrr. so i watched movies with my bro 'ca't hardly wait' and 'dazed and confused'
around lunchtime, we headed to our cousins house in flushing...ate massive amounts of food. after that we took a drive to visit my mom's store in LI. pretty cool, i must say. back home...i entertained thoughts of going to cybertron...but i just fell asleep instead. i was so tired...
so friday: it was vince's birthday...i hung out with biomechanic during the day...even got to see his lair of evil, where he tosses up all his big hits. off to best buy in search of 'kung faux' season such luck. so i got him a gift card. drank at the stoned crow...then moved the party uptown to the pig and whistle. came home to rack...and now i'm up.
anyone going to batcave tonight?

2004-01-03 10:38:31 ET

3 hours of sleep! thats amazing.
i got 6 hours and i felt like a zombie

2004-01-04 11:00:27 ET

it was a all day struggle to stay up!

2004-01-11 14:07:53 ET

3hrs is crazy i did that once before and I had drinks that day needless to say they affected me quickly, and i was crazy like. the whole day

2004-01-12 02:01:45 ET

yea, it was no picnic!

2004-01-12 08:09:19 ET

not sooo good, :( i ope you wont have to do that soo often

2004-01-12 13:57:42 ET

me and you both! i'm hoping for once a year...but knowing my parents....grrrr

2004-01-13 06:13:54 ET

lol im lucky i basicly go to see my parents at the time of day i want to , of course i have to be there within reaosn but never really before 12 so it works out that i always have sleep in time

2004-01-13 10:32:22 ET

hats great. usually my parents are busy in the morning...but the holidays really screwed me this time

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