2004-01-23 09:18:38 ET

[mood | exhausted]
[music | get free - the vines]

last night i dreamt of a snake that would not die.

it reminds me of how sexual the story of adam and eve is....forbidden fruit, tempted by a snake, expelled from paradise. thats how it goes, i guess. original sin is a by-product of evolution, of millions of years of less than noble genes being passed on. just think about it. who's more likely to pass their genes to the next generation? the good and the noble? or the lying, cheating, backstabber? multiply a million times. that's our legacy -our curse-

but with knowledge comes responsibility. lets not be ruled by our basest instincts.

this has been the longest, coldest week ever. bring on the weekend. anyone wanna rock a bar with me tonight? i'm going to the mountain.

2004-01-23 10:38:40 ET

That's an awesome song by the vines, and I'd never thought about Adam and Eve like that heh I guess there's sexual innuendos in everything eh?

2004-01-23 11:35:15 ET

yea, i suspect the story of adam and eve was an ancient morality tale adapted into genesis. it reflects the fairly mysogenistic views towards women in that place and time.

2004-01-23 11:52:44 ET

Yeah I personally believe the bible was an anthology of faiy tales put together to scare children...just like today.

2004-01-23 12:00:16 ET

and somehow, it grew into a religious phenomena! how scary

2004-01-23 12:14:34 ET

The power of ignorance and insecurity plus those willing to exploit it

2004-01-23 16:05:59 ET

i do but im not there and i have no money!

i weep.

2004-01-23 17:28:11 ET

Yeah I'd go to a bar too but not only am I not there and have no money, they probably wouldn't serve me either.

2004-01-24 00:22:08 ET


2004-01-24 08:50:28 ET

LOL!! That was great. Perhaps I'm the only person who thinks space bars breaking is funny buy anyways...next time I'm whereever you live, I will be sure to check it out.

2004-01-24 09:22:54 ET


2004-01-24 09:25:03 ET

You live in NYC, I didn't know that, it seems like ana wesome place I've always wanted to go there. If I do someday I'll let you know.

(BTW am I making you jealous with all my spacing?)

2004-01-25 08:21:10 ET



2004-01-25 13:28:06 ET

Heheh thought so...

2004-01-28 20:54:53 ET

You have to hit up a bar with me when I come back for a visit (bout 3 days....long weekend). Not set in stone yet, but shooting for late-May early June. Before it gets REALLY hot and after the snow melts. I'm a whimpy Californian that can't handle snow things.

2004-01-29 06:32:56 ET

of course =)

snow sucks!

2004-01-29 13:25:21 ET

I should stay with you. You're fun.

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