i stand alone
2004-02-03 08:40:42 ET

[mood | scared]
[music | the mercy seat - johnny cash]

well, tomorrow is the big day. off to the tax man to see if they want my firstborn or just a pound of flesh.

oh weekend report: friday i hit the mountain with chrissie it's been awhile since i did that. fun times. stayed way too long. so tired.

saturday: out to central islip for kate's birthday party. it was good clean wholesome fun. then back to the city for some debauchery at batcave. had myself a great time because the jersey crew came out in force. also, joe gave a me the new seabound album.

sunday: out to jersey for the photoshoot. i have no idea how the pics came out...and i am beyond caring. i'd be surprised if they sold one copy of this comp. but on the other hand, the final mixdown of 'wake of destruction' will be uber hot. so at least the song will be good. thats way better than having a good band photo, right? rocked the diner chill with the boys and got back just in time to see carolina tie up the superbowl. too bad they ended up blowing it in the last minute.

johnny cash did a cover of a nick cave song. what is the world coming to?

oh! if anyone has the new massiv in mensch album, burn me a copy! i'll be yor friend!

2004-02-03 09:01:15 ET

cash had the midas touch...whatever hed cover had always been better than the original...

2004-02-03 09:46:59 ET

Good luck with the IRS... I'm still waiting on one of my W2 forms..

2004-02-03 11:14:39 ET

I like how the government GIVES ME money. Yay for being a minor. Let me know when you get that band pic, I wanna see. And wake of destruction rocks (I've said it before and I'll say it again)

2004-02-03 11:53:25 ET

doll: johnny cassh is the man

angel: the IRS blows. i hate them with a passion

insubordinate: its been awhile since the givernment gave me anything. bastards. and thanks! i'l send you the band pic if i ever see it.

2004-02-03 11:54:49 ET

johnny cash ownz (er..owned) all, indeed

and i miss my symbiotic music!

<nudge nudge wink wink>

its hard to be a one-man fanclub when i cant listen to your stuff...darn my moving...lol

2004-02-03 15:01:34 ET


2004-02-03 15:26:51 ET

OH!!! I found it!!! I told you I would find it when I moved :) Course, I only found ONE copy.. not two....... so one of us is gonna need a new one. You can have your's back, Lars ;)

2004-02-03 17:15:32 ET

Hahahah how come you could use your space bar earlier hmmm? I think you're just saying it's broken for sympathy :P

2004-02-03 18:14:16 ET



2004-02-03 18:53:07 ET


2004-02-03 21:07:54 ET

pdx people have to wait until tomorrow to start filing because they want to pass some stupid ass law that may or may not help the budget crisis here, but of course in the long run its only a temporary solution and a sales tax should be implemented instead...

2004-02-04 15:48:11 ET

hehe huzzah, janelle! :-D

yes, whenever this event of returning should occur, i will be sure to return to you your copy of the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe that you lent to katrina...and mayhaps you can redo my hair? <puppy dog eyes>


2004-02-06 11:57:23 ET

Oh yeah! I forgot about that book... lol... Yes, dear.. I'll do your hair. Where do you live these days?

2004-02-06 13:51:21 ET

still floating around garden grove and anaheim

once i get a place, hopefully it'll be in l.a....as i've shifted my job hunting to there (o.c. seems hopeless...lol)

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