so tired...
2004-03-10 15:28:07 ET

[mood | tired]
[music | i find you're gone - wolfsheim]

work has been nuts recently. they hired 2 assistants for me...which ironically produces more work for ME. this irritates me. this combined with my commute leaves me very little free time.

am reading 'the alienist' by caleb carr. good shit.

i have no idea how i am going to play a show this sunday...i am completely unpreapared.

the g4 laptop is so sa-weet. i am feeling it. literally, i can't keep my hands off of it. it is so sexy...who needs women?

speaking of which, anyone going to wolfsheim?

2004-03-10 15:57:35 ET

I still think you should force your assistants to wear PVC and collars, like a nu kind of dress code. It would be interesting. I can't WAIT until I have assistants someday, I hope I do.

Have fun at the show(s)

2004-03-10 16:59:12 ET

my friend invited me to wolfsheim but i don't know if i really want to go... seems like a yawn.

2004-03-11 15:32:58 ET

insubordinate: actually one of my assistants is pretty cute!

furax: its the middle of the week thing which makes me hesitate

2004-03-15 06:04:39 ET

macs are sexy.

2004-03-15 12:19:32 ET


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