so tired
2004-03-23 13:47:35 ET

well another late day at deadlines loom closer and closer.

been reading 'moneyball' interesting so far, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't a baseball fan.

wolfsheim isn't looking too good right now. too tapped out and too tired. i wanna go to bed already. feeling mighty grouchy.

tomorrow will be an ill day. wish me luck...

2004-03-23 13:53:35 ET

I hear ya.....same kinda day here....

2004-03-23 15:48:10 ET

good luck on your day!

2004-03-23 16:18:36 ET

I am feeling mighty grouchy too !

2004-03-24 04:28:30 ET

spring always brings out the grouch in me....grrr

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