symbiotic in philly!
2004-08-27 06:22:09 ET

hi everyone, just wanted to post about a show we have coming up

saturday (8/28) at tribecca nightclub.

doors are at 9 and we'll be taking the stage at 11pm sharp!

be there!!!!

2004-08-27 06:29:31 ET

well, I don't live anywhere near where you are playing, but your music is very inspiring!

2004-08-27 06:54:57 ET

thank you =)

where do you live?

2004-08-27 07:35:39 ET


2004-08-27 08:02:58 ET

keep everyone posted of NYC shows, i'll go to those (since i live there, now)

2004-08-27 08:52:07 ET

sweet. ok

we have one coming up on sept 3rd, i believe...will post when i find out more

2004-08-27 13:34:54 ET

hi stranger. :) good luck at your show.

2004-08-27 13:41:43 ET

thnx =)

2004-08-27 17:21:19 ET

come play in montana before i go back to cali ;-P

2004-08-28 09:33:12 ET

hehe, we are still not big enough

2004-08-28 16:49:11 ET

oh but you should be! ;-D

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