symbiotic at batcave
2004-09-28 13:26:21 ET

hey all you SK freeks

my band is gonna rock the batcave this saturday so come on out!

more info:

see you all there ^_^

2004-09-28 13:33:55 ET

I'll start walking now.

2004-09-28 13:53:48 ET

Lol! Aggghhhh I am always a week too early or late when I come out.

2004-09-28 23:54:52 ET

i will magically teleport there and then commence teh booty shaking.

2004-09-29 04:46:44 ET

awww, i wish all of you could be there

2004-09-29 09:34:16 ET

Hey Lars I'm still working on my teleportation device. I'll let you know when its up and running and then you wont have to exhaust your magical powers.

2004-09-30 22:36:25 ET


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