but at least he's got pants on
2004-10-19 14:32:55 ET

wow, i have really been out of the SK loop. so little time for myself these days, sadly. well i guess i can say that i am a recovering SK addict.

work has been tough lately - being part of a start-up is long hours. i hope it pays off, but who knows. anyway, its more exciting than cranking out the same BS i was at my previous job.

we're starting to gear up for the new symbiotic full-length. i have to say - to anyone who cares - its totally gonna blow away our EP. i mean, this is gonna blow up huge. (or so that is my hope ^_^) i'm very lucky to be working with such talent. been beginning to write again, here's a little teaser on a song called 'voices' we have coming out.

silent screams, no one left to hear
restless and awake, alone i lay
all i want is for you to be near
i wont beg but i need you to stay

i try to speak—there's too much left to say
(we make our own mistakes)
my eyes are closed—the visions fade away
(its us we forsake)
deep inside me—regrets are here to stay
(we make our own mistakes)
as i come close—the voices slip away
(its us we forsake)

thats it for now - take care kids

2004-10-19 14:42:35 ET

Woot! Can't wait for you to send the very first pressing my way, signed and all. I'll sell it for thousands when you guys strike it huge.

2004-10-19 20:48:04 ET

i cant wait d00d.

and im with slaad, there!

im sure you guys will get big-time attention...its only a matter of time.

if i can manage to get a dj spot in l.a. you know ill be playing you guys every chance i can get!

2004-10-20 04:44:10 ET

thanks guys for the support

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