i'm breaking my back just to know your name
2004-11-02 15:06:37 ET

get this song!

somebody told me by the killers

great hook

also checked out the new mortiis cd (the grudge)...its ok

sounds like das ich and KMFDM had a baby

2004-11-02 15:17:15 ET

that's a good song. i love it.

2004-11-02 15:21:47 ET

That's the only song I really care for on the Hot Fuss (or whatever it's called) album. But yea, good song.

Now I have it stuck in my head... damnit...

2004-11-02 16:29:40 ET

I feel so uninformed about music. . . .: (

2004-11-02 16:33:32 ET

i am the most uninformed person when it comes to music - i don't listen to the radio. i only really hear about stuff from word of mouth (or at clubs). lucky for me, most of my friends are on point. but if you like a good chorus you can sing along to, then check out that killers song!

alos if you like metal, try 'like light to flies' by trivium

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