i wanna destroy you
2004-11-06 07:38:45 ET

that was yelled to me by a little girl in a passing car. ome of bad things to come?


2004-11-06 08:01:24 ET

At least she wasn't a creepy little ghost girl or something.

2004-11-06 08:09:10 ET

... or at least I hope she wasn't.

2004-11-06 08:11:26 ET

haha ghost girl... that would have been unnerving

2004-11-06 08:16:00 ET

This is a possibility, you should take shelter immediately!

2004-11-06 08:18:05 ET

it was the most random thing i've experienced in awhile

2004-11-06 08:29:55 ET

Sounds pretty random. How old was she?

2004-11-06 09:32:28 ET

like 5 or 6

2004-11-06 09:34:30 ET

Wow I wouldn't expect that from someone so young. Be afraid my friend and remember that God is with you. Or something like that :]

2004-11-06 09:51:36 ET


Something as weird as this happened to me a month ago... I was at the shopping mall, a 50something woman came to me and said "My eyes are bigger than yours! I'm fucking beautiful! I need no plastic surgery!"...I was like "WTF?!" then she walked away and talked to random people about her big eyes...

Then I saw her again at the same shopping mall a few days ago... this time she yelled at random men... "You are fucking ugly! You will never have a girlfriend!"

.......she is mentally ill.......

2004-11-06 10:29:28 ET

lol sounds like it

2004-11-06 18:04:32 ET

i would be very, very cautious for the time being ;]

2004-11-11 18:49:25 ET

eh...she probably just saw some action flick and decided to recite one of the lines from it or something ;-P
i cant stand bratty kids

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