boo lois, yay beer
2005-12-09 17:26:49 ET

oh wow, it's been awhile since i have posted here.

so much has changes, yet so much has stayed the same. a year comes to a close and another is born, the unexorable wheel of time grinds us mortals to dust, unaware of our ability to perceive it. as soft snow falls and rises on the streets, so too, does my hope for a better tomorrow. past loves lost and forgotten, every one dulls our senses, allows us a little less capacity for love. a little more impatience, a little more bitterness. alone so long that solitude is comfort, a lovers embrace, a solace from enormity of the world. yet the world itself is a speck of dust in existence, and we are parasites upon that mote. only our thoughts, our deeds, can make us great and worth noting. only our desire to be heard, to be noble in the face of adversity. that is eternity. all ends in futility, but fight we must, even in the knowledge of ultimate defeat. without hope, there can be no struggle, only surrender. without struggle, we are maggots--thoughtless, senseless consumers, feeding on each others' excrement. in the end, 4 words will remain: boo lois, yay beer.

2005-12-09 18:50:50 ET

bout time you update

missed ya

and word.

2005-12-09 19:35:09 ET


2005-12-09 19:51:45 ET

look dan got dressed for you.

your words are true. even the beer part.

2005-12-09 21:48:09 ET

lois is the name of the lady that laid me off just recently. she was full of satan too.

boo lois! yay beer!

2005-12-13 12:04:10 ET

I don't know who lois is, but boo on her!

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