holy crip, it's a crapple!
2006-04-25 14:43:55 ET




2006-04-25 15:00:13 ET

Wow, I thought you had forgot about us here.

2006-04-25 16:41:43 ET

But can you really call it living?

2006-04-25 18:21:32 ET




this has been your daily dose of surrealism.

2006-04-26 11:13:11 ET

how's it going everyone?

2006-04-26 11:15:58 ET

well, living as biomechanic, i get f00ked up teh anus 3 times daily and enjoy staring at naked photos of my mom at least twice that often. i'm also planning a 4 month long vacation to iowa, cause i have an overwhelming urge to buy a tractor.

so all in all, life is quite good.

2006-04-27 07:25:54 ET

I hate everything ever.

2006-04-27 12:08:29 ET

aww ):

i miss the buttsex we used to have on gus' threads.

2006-04-29 03:24:46 ET

Life is indeed good, glad to see a post from you again.

2006-04-29 13:01:48 ET


2006-04-29 15:16:26 ET

Squee! its good to see you again as well.

2006-05-01 14:03:55 ET

holy cow, squeeeeee!

2006-05-01 14:28:09 ET

Hey Gus! It's good to see you back here, truly. Your presence is a great one.

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