get it on
2006-10-18 05:40:15 ET

" target=_blank>">

2006-10-18 13:14:35 ET

there, i fixed it for ya ;-P

i want a copy!

2006-10-18 17:41:39 ET

go download it fool. its free!

2006-10-19 00:28:50 ET

oh yeah, i just saw that now d-:
will do!

2006-10-24 02:02:45 ET

Man, I forgot how much I dug the Symbiotic I'd heard. \m/

2006-10-24 03:31:24 ET

symbiotic still ownz hardcore, its true. now its my turn to be a music whore - you should both listen to the crap i've conjured up with absolutely no music creation or music software experience whatsoever and let me know how much it sucks. kthx.

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