2002-09-05 11:26:06 ET

hey all, here's my first post on this site. like to give a shout out to my girls insomnia and death by design. not much to report. i'll be in chicago late next week to visit a friend. other than that, biz as usual. i will be out at buttcave so maybe i'll run into some peeps there.


2002-09-05 11:34:16 ET


*throws confetti*

2002-09-05 12:11:01 ET

why thank you!

2002-09-05 12:28:36 ET


2002-09-05 20:19:59 ET

you going out saturday?

2002-09-06 11:44:38 ET

hell no i had to work hard to wheedle out of sun morning duties last week... you should have more pre-club parties, then i can just go to those..

2002-09-06 15:14:15 ET

yea...i should. maybe one day soon

2002-09-06 15:33:15 ET


2002-09-07 15:51:32 ET


2002-09-07 16:37:42 ET

thanks mr spider

2002-09-09 10:03:01 ET


2002-09-09 11:33:48 ET

thanks ms gryfin

2002-09-16 03:29:18 ET

(belated) Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-09-16 08:31:39 ET

thanks, i'll keep that in mind

2002-09-17 15:13:39 ET

hello there ;-P

2002-09-17 15:32:56 ET


2002-09-17 19:00:04 ET

does you know me? (o_O)

2002-09-17 19:14:28 ET

i dunno, what's your name?

2002-09-17 19:17:40 ET

well i figured you'd recognize my face before you'd recognize my name...

2002-09-18 06:27:25 ET


2002-09-18 12:53:45 ET


2002-09-18 13:00:30 ET

hey, whats up bro!?!

2002-09-18 13:02:11 ET

hey...i don't know who you are yet though...

2002-09-18 13:02:40 ET


2002-09-18 13:04:26 ET

gus? gus? ...gus? (o_O)
*wracks brain*

2002-09-18 13:09:18 ET

dude, we met at lorraines house warming party...then i saw you again at buttcave

2002-09-18 13:10:02 ET

oh ok...i still don't know though :-P

2002-09-18 14:35:06 ET


You were at her house warming party?

So was I.

I was the really tall kid.
Well, one of them.
I was wearing black if that helps.

2002-09-18 14:40:28 ET

i left early...around 11 so i may have missed you. but there were many tall guys in all black...

2002-09-18 14:41:51 ET

i'm just bad with you have a picture of some sort?

2002-09-19 09:35:28 ET

Gus left before Bio got there but you definitely met him Chris. Maybe around the time the whip cream came out. . .

2002-09-19 09:43:15 ET

whip cream? what whip cream???

2002-09-19 09:43:54 ET

As I recall, it was you who got the whip cream on the back right before you left... am i wrong?

2002-09-19 09:44:57 ET

i must have been drunker than i thought....

2002-09-19 09:45:44 ET

then the party was more of a success than i thought!

2002-09-19 20:54:20 ET

i remember the whipped cream...but i don't remember the person it was on (o_O)

2002-09-20 12:24:23 ET

double success! gonna be hard to beat this one...

2002-09-21 00:02:44 ET

i just have a bad wasn't anything to do with the fact that i had been drinking

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