father forgive
2002-10-14 05:59:01 ET

the weekend started interestingly, i suppose. friday night, after work..went to this bar called antarctica on hudson street. proceeded to get hammered. then made the mistake of NOT going home. instead went to funhouse and got even more smashed. one of those nights...i have no idea how i got home. saturday, i lay in bed all day nursing a wretched hangover. the crawl out to buttcave. it was a mediocre night at best. nothing good to say about it. except that i saw user furax just randomly chillin. get home around 5:30 am. rack. then sunday night rolls around. promised a dinner with the batcave crew for melissa's birthday. had piccolo angelos on hudson and jane. good food but a bit pricey. came home around midnight. did some work i had to bring home. and thats what i am doing now. monday sitting at home doing work. it could be worse. i could be at work. ugh

2002-10-14 06:51:43 ET

Hopefully you're not hung over anymore.

And Geeze, I can't believe Furax went to the Batcave! gasp.

.. and I am the Batcave crew.

2002-10-14 06:54:41 ET

i know dude, i had to do a double take! and finally he recognized who i was.

yea, my hangover is no more. got a good amount of sleep in between all the activity

for a person in the batcave crew, you are never there!

2002-10-14 06:56:21 ET

Dude, I don't need to be at the Batcave to be hardcore part of the crew. That's just how cool I am.

2002-10-14 08:05:12 ET

haha i finally figured out who azraeltrigger was! ;-P

yeah, i went to the buttcrave and it was pretty lame but i managed to run into a few people who i didn't expect to and it was pleasant...intoxicants and a few nice people seem to make the rest of the bozos not so apparent...

2002-10-14 08:46:52 ET

i probably didnt have a great time beacuse i was stone cold sober. not one drink all night. boy, its a different place without intoxication.

2002-10-15 15:11:15 ET

Sounds like you had a tough weekend. What do you do to RELAX?

2002-10-15 16:30:07 ET

yea, that was an especially busy weekend. and the one coming up is looking pretty grim. but no partying. i have buttloads of freelance work due next week AND i'll have to work late every night this week, probably. ACK!

2002-10-15 20:14:37 ET

Again, relax?

2002-10-16 05:19:54 ET

i like to read, listen to music, sleep. the usual stuff, i guess.

2002-10-16 11:07:41 ET

MMMMMMM sleep. Sleep is always good.

2002-10-16 15:27:33 ET

sleep is one of my favorite activities. and definately the hardest to stop doing!

2002-10-17 11:45:51 ET

It's always better when someone's doin' it next to you, too.

2002-10-17 20:50:14 ET

sigh...yes. i miss that

2002-10-17 23:13:05 ET

What? No girl?

2002-10-18 05:27:48 ET

none for me. i've been trying (and so far succeeding) in trying to stay clear of female entanglements for the past year. ive weakened now and again but overall have remained resolute. i just need some time for myself. but i'll be getting back on the horse if the right girl comes along.

2002-10-18 10:20:09 ET

praise to that

2002-10-19 18:27:11 ET

hazaaah to azrael. I just hope you're not making pit stops at the Fountain of One Knight Stands. LOL. ;)

2002-10-20 04:43:13 ET

me? i can honestly say that i have never had a one night stand. ever. so my record in that respect is pretty respectable. i just dont feel comfortable doing that really.

2002-10-20 15:30:15 ET

Good. I've never had one myself and am sincerely happy for that.

2002-10-20 15:51:50 ET

though i should qualify that and say that i won't totally rule it out. because you never know what could happen! ;P

2002-10-28 16:04:00 ET

Hey, now....you behave! lol. :O

2002-10-28 19:23:31 ET

i'll try!

2002-10-30 17:40:06 ET

Yeah, right. And there you are in your life, forgetting all your online promises, right? Right? lol. Awe. I like to tease. I know you're a good boy, azrael.

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