every day is halloween
2002-10-19 14:09:56 ET

work work and yet more work. when it rains, it pours. i cant take it anymore. in spite of my better judgement, i will be going out tonight. i need fun! working 7 days in a row is not fun. will probably meet up with death by design at buttcave later. only because i was a good boy and finished the majority of my work by slaving away from the crack-ass of dawn. well not really, but 11am. thats pretty early for me on a saturday. downloaded som absurd mind. not bad. sounds similar to project pitchfork and if there are any of the same members, i wouldn't be surprised. also: aesthetic perfection is pretty good. trancey music but with death vocals. odd, but good. been on a weird fear factory kick recently. i used to ridicule these guys...but digimortal is pretty good! well, if you dont mind nu-metal posturing. but hey, i can keep an open mind. ;P

2002-10-19 14:30:19 ET

dbd showing up to buttcrave tonight? hmm... i had been planning on going to mi7...

2002-10-19 15:46:27 ET

dude, you should come out!

2002-10-19 15:47:24 ET

i guess so...

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