as if anyone cares
2002-10-29 09:39:08 ET

i'll be going to new orleans tomorrow. returning sunday. which means i will be missing the hocico/haujobb/terrorfakt event this saturday. another in a growing list of events i will be missing. feh. i'll be thinking of everyone while i drink myself into a stupor every day and every night. peace!

2002-10-29 09:41:06 ET

drink alot of goldslauhger (sp)?

2002-10-29 09:42:38 ET

ok! though i am not that fond of peppermint. i'll definately drink one in your honor.

2002-10-29 09:45:22 ET

thanks!...whats your fav drink?

2002-10-29 09:52:21 ET


2002-10-29 10:07:22 ET

have fun man! i'll miss you at hocico lol

2002-10-29 10:13:09 ET

goul: red bull and vodka all the way

insomnia: i told you i wasn't gonna be here!

death: i will dude. i'm sure you'll have fun at hocico

2002-10-29 12:05:03 ET

Awww, we'll miss you.

Have fun in New Orleans!

We'll have fun for you.

2002-10-29 12:14:08 ET

and i will have fun for you! after the trip, we'll compare notes to see who had more fun ;P

2002-10-29 12:14:41 ET

new orleans is awsome...i go to the same bar every time

2002-10-29 15:29:53 ET is fabulous.
screwdrivers are the best and yes red bull and vodka is also good!

although i do make damn good margaritas.. : )

aah.and yes have a nice time in New Orleans.. its a beautiful place to visit.

2002-10-29 15:45:13 ET

thanks, i will! i was there earlier this was awesome

margarita's are made from tequila, right? tequila makes me nuts. i know its a cliche, but it's true!

2002-10-29 15:49:15 ET

KAMAKAZIES!!!! I LOVE THEM! should have tons of them too

2002-10-29 15:49:18 ET

yeaaaa, tequila and red bull! thats what i'm talking about!!!

2002-10-29 15:50:58 ET

kamakazies were my fave before red bull and vodka

never tried tequila and red bull tho

2002-10-29 15:52:18 ET

is it sweet?

2002-10-29 15:53:59 ET

well... tequila ain't nothing to fuck with hah, at least with me, i like it though, tequila doesn't have that great of a taste eaither but with red bull it tastes great! and... it will get you trashed quicker lol

2002-10-29 15:54:03 ET

yes! imagine ice, 1 part red bull, one part vodka. its an awesome party drink. keeps you going all night!

2002-10-29 15:55:00 ET

gus, try it! you will appreciate it... especially with what they charge at the batcave... you will need the tequila lol

2002-10-29 15:57:59 ET

i go to the dixie tavern...great punk bar...great people

2002-10-29 15:58:06 ET

i'll give it a try...even tho the tatse of tequila makes me gag

2002-10-29 15:58:08 ET

cheap too

2002-10-29 15:59:57 ET

me too bro! hah, i bet you'll get hammered though :P

2002-10-29 16:01:47 ET

not in new york!...drinks are outrageously expensive. if it werent for the cost, i think i may have had alcohal poisoning by now!

2002-10-29 16:03:23 ET

i get 3 kamakazies for $3 at the dixie...and they have dollar red dogs...haha

2002-10-29 16:06:27 ET

3 for 3 bucks!?!? holy shit. i'd be a raging alcoholic with those kinda prices

2002-10-29 16:13:37 ET

Remind me not to pick up drinking at Downtime.

2002-10-29 16:17:13 ET

ohhh thats not downtime prices hah, downtime would charge you probably 7 bucks for just 1 drink lol, wayyy over priced, i think they are talking about in new orleans that the drinks are 3 for 3

2002-10-29 16:19:06 ET

I know, I know ...

Uhh, I was saying that some one should remind me to not pick up drinking at Downtime (because of their outrageous prices).

Frankly, paying their cover is enough.

2002-10-29 16:22:37 ET

ohh, ok lol, my bad!

2002-10-29 16:30:30 ET

yea dude, you need a phat wad to drink at batcave and feel a buzz. thats why i stick to drugs! ;P

2002-10-29 16:56:20 ET

dixie has no cover unless there is a show then it is a $5 cover

2002-10-29 17:03:34 ET

yay for no cover...i may have actually been there last time i was in nawlins

2002-10-29 17:04:39 ET

its on canal...north of all the other shit and the interstate...pretty much a place where the locals go

2002-10-29 17:05:36 ET

hmmm, not sure. i was too hammered to remember much geography

2002-10-29 17:08:26 ET

i am good with it drunk or not...

2002-10-29 17:30:58 ET

so many people are going to be at the show on saturday...i don't even know how they're supposed to fit everyone in there. :-\

bio, lots of girls should be there for you to talk to haha

2002-10-29 17:31:37 ET

hey, you know, if three rivetheads can fit in a single bed, all those fuckers sure as hell can fit in downtime...

2002-10-29 17:40:31 ET

DBD on DIGIT on FURAX action.

I hope there are girls for me to talk to, cry.

QXT's is so much nicer and quieter with better music and more space to move around and talk to people.

2002-10-29 17:41:59 ET

damn! im going to miss a great hang-out. poops

2002-10-29 17:42:37 ET

but there will be lots of people everywhere...people will hardly be able to move...socialize

2002-10-29 17:46:23 ET

Hopefully h0t chicks will be FORCED to socialize with me due to LACK OF SPACE TO MOVE.

2002-10-29 18:15:43 ET

lol, that is funny dude

2002-10-29 18:32:14 ET

all the cool kids will probably be in the back making fun of the bands they paid to see just like last time

>>>Hopefully h0t chicks will be FORCED to socialize with me due to LACK OF SPACE TO MOVE.

Bio: they like it when you breathe ON them. Loudly.

2002-10-29 18:33:16 ET

but only drool on them if they are wearing vinyl.

2002-10-29 18:34:10 ET

I'm going to play the pinch butt and be like "Sorry, there was no space!" thing a lot.

2002-10-29 18:38:46 ET

eweweewewewewwwww i wouldnt touch half the butts at Batcave..

Gus: Would you believe i still havent emailed that kid who i busted my arese to get his email @batcave that one time? gawd i'm a loser

have phun in nawlins though

2002-10-29 18:42:22 ET

never bust your arse to get anyones info...that's what i do :-P

2002-10-29 18:43:32 ET

go for it!!!!!!

i'll have some drinks for you!

2002-10-29 18:44:37 ET

the butts i would touch at buttcave i already have and only because they were visiting from QXT'S hahaha

gus:: post pictures after!!! i demand it

2002-10-29 18:52:05 ET

heh, know i look terrible in pictures!

and being a regular at batcave, i resent you last remark! -hurt- ;P

2002-10-29 18:52:36 ET

Gus fondled me. But that was at WebsterHall/Zenwarp.

2002-10-29 18:54:56 ET

sorry! i dont know what came over me...oh yea, copious amounts of liquor. but you saved me from further embarrasment. thanks -hugs-

2002-10-29 22:00:31 ET

justine... at least he didnt impregnate you while you were dancing... like prusick almost did hah

2002-10-30 02:55:57 ET

LMFAO. fucking prusik. he makes me laugh

2002-10-30 04:34:54 ET


Neah Gus was too drunk to be that coordinated.

2002-10-30 08:14:24 ET

HAHAHH, aren't we all! lol

2002-11-01 11:49:49 ET

you were, last night. heh

2002-11-01 11:56:34 ET

yea, but the drunker i am the funnier! lol

2002-11-01 15:21:40 ET

Sometimes. You're pretty damn funny wandering around sober too though. . .

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