just one more time, for the sake of sanity
2002-11-04 08:21:05 ET

hey everybody! back from new orleans as of yesterday. got sick on saturday which kind of sucked. now i'm back in the lovely new york weather. just perfect for someone who has the flu. the trip was fun, was pretty drunk almost every night (except for the one i was sick) went to see cut.rate.box on friday night. also god module played. missed negative format and cruxshadows because i was sick (on sat). hung out with my friends from new york and my buddy who lives down there, mostly. ran into some people i knew from new york pretty randomly. clapis from bitter grace who payed friday night. also anna who used to rock batcave. we hung out friday night. that was probably the night i was the most inebriated. anyway, i skipped work because i am still sick! bleh. i need someone to come over and take care of me. i'm too tired even to run to the store for nyquil! feh, i guess later on i will go. but right now it is raining ice cold water.

2002-11-04 08:39:18 ET

i know how you feel..i am sick too...i went to the fair for midnight madness and it rained on me like crazy but i stayed b/c i had already paid fot it...maybe i should have left...then i would not be sick..ugh

2002-11-04 08:55:47 ET

yea, being sick sucks. especially when you are on vacation!

2002-11-04 09:02:04 ET

yea...you did not go to the dixie..thats why...j/k

2002-11-04 09:11:19 ET

ahh.. how was god module??

2002-11-04 09:32:53 ET

god module were ok. nothing to get excited about at all. i was actually kinda bored for their set.

and i could find any plave called the dixie. sorry!

2002-11-04 09:36:50 ET

its not around any of the other places...you get on canal and go north and its on ur left

2002-11-04 10:16:36 ET

my hotel was right off of canal. (on st. charles)

2002-11-04 10:17:44 ET


2002-11-04 10:18:21 ET

thats much more south than the dixie...you go back toward the intersate and go under it and keep going

2002-11-04 10:20:45 ET

yea, i never went up that way

2002-11-04 10:21:28 ET

sigh....i will be going soon...i am taking mofo with me too he is coming home for turkey day

2002-11-04 10:22:28 ET

i had a lot of fun there. so much that i got sick! haha

2002-11-04 10:26:21 ET

haha...i only got sick there one time...dollar vodka night....hmmmmm memories

2002-11-04 11:11:51 ET

meh, i just wore my body down.

2002-11-04 12:41:06 ET

i think new orleans is the only other city besides NY that is big on halloween...i mean we have the parade and all and they always have big halloween festivities down there at this time from what i hear...i know a lot of people always go down there for halloween. sucks to be sick...maybe you got some new orleans voodoo put on you?!

2002-11-04 13:13:00 ET

maybe dude. i got sick sometime friday night...probably right after the show. but yea, halloween is a pretty big deal down there. the streets were packed for the parade. i just couldnt take all the meatheads! they're breasts people! i'm sure we've all senn them!

2002-11-04 13:19:15 ET

seriously...be cool about it...even if we all really are yelling "Hooray for Boobies!" on the inside ;-P

2002-11-04 13:20:27 ET

finnaly a man that speaks the truth about shit! good for you!

2002-11-04 19:07:41 ET

oh dammit, i was gonna bring you over chicken soup and "girls gone wild: n'awlins edition" too...

2002-11-05 05:31:40 ET

bring it! i could use the soup...and the GGW would be good for a laugh

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