2002-11-08 07:23:33 ET

feel much better today. the prospects of me going out tomorrow are rising! its actually a beautiful day...but paranoid me overdressed for warmth. so something or other is going down at buttcave tomorrow. don't know what, exactly. but i am starting to get cabin fever, being cooped up in my apartment with nothing but work to keep me company. i need to get out and have some fun! cigarrette free for almost a week! rock on!

2002-11-08 08:08:37 ET

Oh man.
It's going down.

2002-11-08 08:09:56 ET

yea, lenny (wintermute) filled me in. i'll probably be there

2002-11-08 08:12:52 ET

Aural Blasphemy is awesome recorded.
And I hear they are going in a dark ambient direction.

So, uhh, yeah.
show up early.
I will be there somewhat early.

2002-11-08 08:14:27 ET

what, like before midnight?

2002-11-08 08:15:38 ET

Since the bands aren't really famous.
It should be the same before midnight and after midnight (price wise).

Good ol' Hellraver put me on the reduced price list! Yay!

2002-11-08 08:16:27 ET

nice! i'll be there around 11pm then

2002-11-08 08:18:37 ET

Aural Blasphemy is going on second (out of three) so you'll miss them.
Oh well.

Fun time will be had by all.

2002-11-08 08:29:36 ET

imma watch the bands then go to Q's... unless q's is gonna be at batcave??? havent even thought of weekend yet...

2002-11-08 08:42:34 ET

Q's? chris, lenny and justine will be at the cave...

2002-11-08 09:03:38 ET

no god why i wanted to have GOOD music this weekend i am going through good music WITHDRAWAL

2002-11-08 12:04:49 ET

heh, why do you think i take my vitamins? it makes anything sound pretty decent, even if it is horrible. and if you really like the song, then it sounds like god

2002-11-08 12:48:39 ET

vitamins... rotflmao...

okay so there was that one time i liked synthpop... you were there...

2002-11-08 12:49:02 ET

i was like 'wolfsheim rocks my socks!" and stuph...

2002-11-08 12:58:59 ET

LOL! i didnt actually see, just heard about it later

2002-11-08 13:53:23 ET

feeling good enough to come out? cool deal.
...and i've actually considered bringing headphones to batcave to hear good music at times! ;-P

2002-11-08 14:14:59 ET

haha, that would be sweet! yea, i'll probably be out.

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