beyond the darkness
2002-11-21 09:34:37 ET

fired up fallout 2 last night. it was pretty boring. i kept getting killed. i pretty much suck at video games. i used to be fairly good at them. now i am just getting old, i guess. there's something in the aging process which decreases your ability to play video games. someone should do a scientific study on this.

life [c]ried on saturday. for those of you not in the know...users deathcondition, wintermute, natchrichter (sp?) rock the stage this saturday at QXT's. so come on down. they go on at 11pm. many of us tri-state area sk.netters will be in attendance. oh and also cenobita will play after. i plan to be long gone by that time. i'll go out to support my boys but that's it. lets just say that the cenobita i've heard is just not my bag, baby.

2002-11-21 10:45:44 ET

yeaya! see you saturday yo!

2002-11-21 11:00:41 ET

definately! are you excited?

2002-11-21 11:02:31 ET

yup yup, should be hot yo!

2002-11-21 11:10:10 ET

nice!!!! even jarv is coming out

2002-11-21 11:11:50 ET

ohh wow lol, awsome

2002-11-21 11:16:49 ET

is prusik gonna be there?

2002-11-21 11:20:44 ET

of course, everyone will be! hah

2002-11-21 11:22:39 ET

i havent seen that mofo in ages

2002-11-21 11:32:19 ET

yea me neither lol

2002-11-21 11:37:39 ET

cool, it'll be one massive chill

2002-11-21 11:46:24 ET

yes! all i gotta do now is make sure we dont suck :x haha

2002-11-21 11:56:25 ET video game skills seem to get better with age...but then im just an ub3r geek

2002-11-21 12:41:35 ET

wait till you get to your late 20's...thats getting into old man territory there

2002-11-21 13:42:27 ET

I'm going to bring lots of rotten vegetables.

2002-11-21 15:10:59 ET

i will never grow old!

2002-11-21 19:16:46 ET

bio: we'll have a rotton egg throwing contest

turbo: wait and see....just wait and

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