another day, another dollar
2002-11-26 17:49:05 ET

work was a bitch today. chrissie called just as i was leaving..talked me into dinner at dojos. walked around with her for a bit. came home to finish up some work. then to start me next project. rah rah rah. it just never ends. holidays depress me, i think. its got no genuine feeling anymore, its just too commercial for me. holidays make me ill.

2002-11-26 18:35:32 ET

You should buy into nog culture.

2002-11-26 19:04:17 ET

i wouldnt mind trying the soy nog

2002-11-26 19:04:56 ET


2002-11-26 19:05:35 ET


-drools like homer-

2002-11-26 19:38:19 ET

Soylent Nog

I'm sorry you had a bad day Azrael... did you have the chopstick salad?? Hahah...
We miss you.

2002-11-26 19:44:49 ET

-hugs storm-

thanks sweetie. i'll try to make it out tomorrow for a bit. i do have a powerpoint presentation to finish up, as well as having to wake up dreadfully early on thursday to do the family thing. ack

2002-11-26 19:47:04 ET

No no... worries darling. Take care of yourself...

2002-11-26 19:49:49 ET

pm me with the details!

2002-11-26 20:28:05 ET

Where do you work?

2002-11-26 20:30:50 ET

yes i agree...the holidays are too commercial...but then just about everything in america is d-;

2002-11-26 21:05:24 ET

sin: i work everywhere! sometimes in manhattan, sometimes in brooklyn and a lot at home as well.

turbo: sad but true

2002-11-27 00:37:31 ET

...what do you do?

2002-11-27 05:06:31 ET

He's my ManWhore.

2002-11-27 05:29:21 ET

...makes sense:

2002-11-27 06:17:10 ET

Holidays are overrated.

[[puts on annoying cockney accent]]

2002-11-27 07:18:32 ET

Christmas rocks!

2002-11-27 07:52:07 ET

digit: as storm said so well, i sell my do graphic design work

nera: you are so funny! <3

sin: i would agree if it were on the same schedule as the winter olympics.

2002-11-27 09:11:55 ET

I keep on forgetting how close Azrael lives to me. :X

2002-11-27 09:18:56 ET

dude we are neighbors!

2002-11-27 09:27:55 ET

I know, Christ!
Next time we are heading out we should meet up somewhere nice.
In Brooklyn.
The nice part.

2002-11-27 09:39:14 ET

like the F stop...bergen street


2002-11-27 09:53:10 ET

damnit, i need to live in new york...

2002-11-27 09:55:50 ET

yes you do

c'mon all the nogheads are doing it!

2002-11-27 09:56:35 ET

Yeah, w0rd.
Fuck CT!
NYC über alles.

2002-11-27 10:01:10 ET

if only i had a job and/or some ca$h...

2002-11-27 10:02:46 ET

Win the lottery.
Buy us a commune.

2002-11-27 10:03:06 ET

yea, having cash can just have one of DbD's jobs!

2002-11-27 10:08:39 ET

hahaha: yeah but then she would need another one...ideally i'd wanna find a tech support job: but i don't know where to even start lookin...

bio: how bout you win the lottery and give it to me: and then we build a commune: and punch everyone else in the head:

2002-11-27 10:14:03 ET

i like this idea of punching people in the head. it appeals to me

and winning the lottery is a remote chance. very remote.
thomas jefferson called it a tax on the mathmatically challanged.

2002-11-27 10:20:32 ET

If I won the lottery I'd just buy lots of weapons and you can all live in my anti-government-militia's HQ in Wisconsin.

2002-11-27 10:33:38 ET

that would be fine with me. i've never fired a weapon before

2002-11-27 11:03:04 ET

terminal low lives in wisconsin... we could visit him:

2002-11-27 11:04:41 ET

My Militia would train you.

NO MORE TAXES1!!!1!!!!!

2002-11-27 11:05:50 ET

for a second i thought htat said no more taxies:

2002-11-27 11:18:42 ET

The militia neither approves nor dissaproves of taxies.

2002-11-27 11:23:02 ET

can we also start a cult? ive always wanted to be a religious leader

2002-11-27 11:26:42 ET

My anti-government militia teaches hardcore Christian values.

2002-11-27 11:27:32 ET

but thats boring

what about the cult of nog?

2002-11-27 11:28:31 ET

Nog Cult.

Better idea.

2002-11-27 11:30:16 ET

darn tootin

2002-11-27 14:09:02 ET

WOOOOOO!!! You said it... it's fucking on!

2002-11-27 19:12:31 ET

sweet...nog cult...i'm in:

2002-11-28 03:01:17 ET

the downside is that we might have to bathe in nog...

2002-11-28 05:26:21 ET

... you say that as if it was a bad thing!

2002-11-28 17:44:55 ET

Runs a NOG bath for everyone...

2002-11-28 19:26:30 ET

ive just discovered that nog goes well with 'attack of the clones'

2002-11-28 20:48:15 ET

You are totally fucking joking me Skanker....
I just got done watching that TOO!!!

*looks out the window suspiciously*

2002-11-28 20:51:00 ET

oh REEEALLY...sweet...i seem to have random connections with everybody.

and hey, im not looking in your window. i only do that on tuesdays d-:

2002-11-28 21:06:28 ET

bet it makes you wish everyday was tuesday, eh?

2002-11-28 21:15:30 ET

<nods> pretty much yeah

2002-11-28 21:22:39 ET

No more looking in my windows! *shakes a stern finger*
STORM SECURITY - We Send Ninjas To Your House!

2002-11-28 21:38:29 ET

hmmm <strokes chin>

yaknow that just intrigues me more than anything.

<writes self a reminder to stop by storm's place extra early next tuesday>

2002-11-29 06:43:46 ET

i did pretty much the same thing...except that instread of drinking nog i drank screwdrivers and instead of watching attack of the clones, i fell asleep. -yawn-

and thanks for postering the place storm ;P

2002-11-29 08:03:37 ET

Heheh - my pleasure. If it's annoying, just delete the post. I dun't kare.
Screwdrivers, huh? Very festive...I feel like a 200 lb sheep today. No food for the storminator... ::GAG::

2002-11-29 08:27:17 ET

ya, i ate so much. it made me mucho sleepy

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