2002-11-28 12:33:02 ET

happy thanksgiving everyone

i am thankful to be alive and healthy
i am thankful for my friends and family
i am thankful that i have no serious problems in my life

also: i wish to be exempt from christmas this year. if you feel you need to get me anything, please contribute to the phoebe frances collins college fund instead.


2002-11-28 13:11:07 ET

happy thanksgiving

2002-11-28 14:00:12 ET

thanks dude...you to

2002-11-28 20:34:32 ET

happy thanksgiving, azrael :)

2002-11-28 21:21:24 ET

Happy Nog day!!
You put a picture of MEE! on your page. You look so cute and happy in it...

2002-11-29 06:45:36 ET

happy thanksgiving squee!

storm: :D <3

2002-11-29 08:13:07 ET

why exempt from xmas, if i may ask?

I never pay any attention to the holiday anyway, but is this a normal thing or just for this year?

2002-11-29 08:29:59 ET

i just dont wanna deal with it. its just circulation of wealth...i just dont feel the spirit. and the fun from the holidays comes from friends and family. i never care about the gifts. im gonna institute it this year and see how it goes. it if works out, then i may do it every year.

2002-11-29 08:31:45 ET

sounds good to me

2002-11-29 09:47:59 ET

Your XXX-mas idea sounds fabulous.

2002-11-29 10:26:34 ET

I'll give you XXX-mas.

2002-11-29 11:44:30 ET

/me wonders if xxx-mas is on a tuesday.....

2002-11-29 11:46:00 ET

Hahah... Tuesday is always XXX-mas at the STORMSHACK.

::strips slowly in front of the window::

2002-11-29 11:47:13 ET

ooooh gosh...<fans self>

2002-11-29 11:49:15 ET

It's hard to strip when you're wearing boots and BDU's...

2002-11-29 11:52:03 ET


oh thats ok...its worth it!

mmmm boots....

<slaps self>

2002-11-29 11:53:44 ET

you gotta cut the bdus so they go over your boots more easily.

2002-11-29 12:14:13 ET

They are cut.
But they're still tricky to wiggle out of.
Button fly, you know. :)

2002-11-29 12:27:19 ET

You need practice.

2002-11-29 12:29:47 ET

::bows to Insomnia's superior stripping skillz::

2002-11-29 12:30:50 ET


2002-12-01 00:44:41 ET

dang, i miss all the good stuff!!!

2002-12-01 00:45:42 ET

yes you do.

<pats you on the shoulder>

there there

2002-12-01 08:35:30 ET

Gus gets the live shit.
He doesn't miss anything.

2002-12-01 10:27:40 ET


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