bleeding the last emotion
2002-12-01 12:24:09 ET

too lazy to rehash my weekend. will copy and paste from LJ with some edits.

went out to visit matt, renee and little phoebe in NJ. had some tasty dinner and played board games afterwards. jarv came to pick me up. we ended up at joe's house where i drank some everclear. got toasty but not drunk. we all crashed around 6am after watching full metal jacket and terminator 2.

next day we wake up and hit the diner. cant go to jersey without hitting a diner. we then proceed to jarv's where we cut some vocals for the new song which i am calling 'last emotion'. worked on programming another song which dosnt have a name yet. but it is pretty much old school neuroplague sounding. i am very happy with symbiotic so far. then i head into batcave. catch the end of tapping the vein. they are always good live. danced like a fiend. i had a good amount of fun. it was good to see anna up from texas. hey girl! also many many others were there, too many to roll call.

its depressing to see the sun go down only an hour after you get up.

2002-12-01 12:55:16 ET

:( You sound sad.
::gives Gus NOG::

2002-12-01 13:15:38 ET

-hugs storm-

2002-12-01 19:51:12 ET

w00t and such

2002-12-02 14:11:56 ET

nice! glad to hear your still recording hommie!

2002-12-02 18:15:59 ET

its depressing to see the sun go down only an hour after you get up.

very true :|

2002-12-02 20:12:24 ET

death: yea dawg, its coming out pretty tight

squee: i missed the whole day! i was up for like 6 hours that day. what a waste!

2002-12-02 21:37:41 ET

yeah......i do it all the time. heh.

2002-12-03 06:59:39 ET

oh well, i love clubbing too much right now to give it up.

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