dance the ghost with me
2002-12-13 08:58:28 ET

i snapped and went to the pyramid last night. mostly to support ben (hellraver) but to check it out. a good amount of peeps were there. randomly ran in users wintermute and plague. NJ repreZENT! say hey!

anyway, it was a fun night. i danced a lot (as usual)...even though my left foot is killing me. i either have a bruised bone or a hairline fracture. hung out until 3 or 3:30...then i split. i was tired...and i knew i had to be semi-awake for work today.

tonight: dinner with my bro, and meet his new young lady friend. should be good times.

ran away from another girl last night. i am kicking myself this morning of course. she is so very sweet, i cant help but feel attracted to her. we've been talking a few moments every week at whatever club i see her in. and i think she likes me. i should have asked her out. feh. or at least got her number! i must make this a project. but i am so very scared. the ccowardly lion got nuttin on me!

2002-12-13 09:00:21 ET

i took my bit step last turned out great...go for it!

2002-12-13 09:04:32 ET

heh, i should. she's nice and why not?

2002-12-13 09:07:10 ET


2002-12-13 09:08:25 ET

Hah Wintermute to Insomnia, last Thursday: so, how was the Benraverfest? Insomnia: I didn't go.

And he went. Silly kids. ::grins::

Was the music any good?

2002-12-13 09:12:01 ET

you would have liked ben's set. audiophile was all about the synthpop...and jet was ebm ie. neuroticfish. ben mixed it up...did a nice mix of gelobnis. there were actually more people there than i expected.

2002-12-13 09:20:48 ET

It's nice to see that I'm not the only one afraid of women.

2002-12-13 09:21:38 ET

women are scary...and thats sad coming from another woman

2002-12-13 09:35:32 ET

sin: dude, i told you! i am a coward

goul: no doubt

2002-12-13 09:36:08 ET

i have made it a point in my life to have mainly guy friends

2002-12-13 09:36:23 ET

i only have like 2 female friends

2002-12-13 09:45:27 ET

a lot of girls follow your sentiment

2002-12-13 09:46:58 ET

azrael: I'm a coward too! Oh woe is me.

2002-12-13 09:47:40 ET

really??? not around where i am from...they all think i am some freak of nature or something

2002-12-13 09:51:00 ET

sin: the funny thing is, if you ever met this girl, you'd think i was crazy. she is so mad nice, its sickening. i know that i have very little to fear intitially. im afraid for the long run. you know, getting sucked in and then getting dropped.

goul: no, no...many girls i know cant stand other girls!

2002-12-13 09:56:00 ET

wow....i sure can't wait to move then...

2002-12-13 10:00:58 ET

where you moving to again?

2002-12-13 10:04:28 ET

not sure yet...first texas and then where ever i get sent i hope its a big city

2002-12-13 10:06:48 ET

i grew up in texas...hehe

hang em high! -shoots revolver into hair- heeehawww

2002-12-13 10:08:24 ET

...i'll only be there for 6 weeks

2002-12-13 10:08:47 ET

azrael: I am the same exact way. It's pathetic. I need a girl who's a little pushy and is like, "HANG OUT WITH ME! NOW!!!"

2002-12-13 10:23:11 ET

yea, me too! aggressive girls get me every time. i just cant say no!

2002-12-13 10:24:29 ET


2002-12-13 10:26:23 ET

But then, they can be bad sometimes.

2002-12-13 10:33:15 ET

oh yes. very very bad

2002-12-13 10:33:54 ET

men are complicated...never happy

2002-12-13 10:34:08 ET

i want this..but wait not to much

2002-12-13 10:38:06 ET

the problem with men is that they like their women buffet style. they want to sample everything, not go back to the table with a plate full of one food. they (we) are extremely greedy in this manner.

2002-12-13 10:41:12 ET ex had it made with me but still wanted to go back to the "buffet"

2002-12-13 10:43:28 ET

its pretty disgusting...but alas, evolutionary needs bred this lustiness into men.

2002-12-13 10:44:47 ET

ugh..maybe if i start treating guys like dirt it will change...they will be stupid and stay...j/k

2002-12-13 10:45:54 ET

hey, maybe that might work. some people enjoy being treated like shit. its what they are used to..or feel comfortable with. ive seen guys in relatonships miserable! but they wont leave!

2002-12-13 10:51:00 ET

that pisses me off though...i am too damn nice...i love to make my men the happiest men alive...really ugh

2002-12-13 11:05:53 ET

hey if they cant hang with someone being nice to the, they have major issues!

2002-12-13 11:10:30 ET

i dunno but i am so sick of them doing it to me

2002-12-13 11:46:45 ET

I want one type of food:


2002-12-13 11:48:38 ET

hahahaha.....thats waht alot of men want too...

2002-12-13 11:52:30 ET

Yeah, well, SCREW those guys! Blah!

All mine!

2002-12-13 11:53:29 ET

hahaha...guess what

2002-12-13 14:08:54 ET


2002-12-13 14:11:08 ET

i am all of those well i don't know what that last one even is...but i am all the others

2002-12-13 14:15:43 ET

can i marry you then?

2002-12-13 14:23:06 ET

sure why not...hehehe

2002-12-13 19:05:34 ET

im responding way too late again but...get her number! get her number!

2002-12-13 19:51:09 ET

Yeah, don't be a puss like me!

2002-12-13 21:30:06 ET

all right guys...i'll give it a shot saturday

2002-12-13 21:37:46 ET


and we'll need a report ;-)

2002-12-13 21:56:35 ET

I hope you have more success than myself.

2002-12-14 08:19:44 ET

ack! i am sick! i dont know if i'll roll out tonight...

2002-12-14 08:20:07 ET

i got sick too

2002-12-14 11:24:54 ET

Sick? Excellent, play the sympathy card.

2002-12-14 12:27:29 ET

hehe, its not really an asset to be sick is it?

2002-12-14 12:37:16 ET

No... but the sympathy card!

AT: I was going to ask you *cough* out for [dinner | movie | desired activity], but I think I'm too sick. *cough*
Cute Girl w/ Lot: Aww! That's so sweet. I'll come play nurse for you, outfit included, and once I nurse you back to health we can go out for [dinner | movie | desired activity].
AT: Thank you Luuurve Dr Mikey, thank you!

2002-12-14 12:42:15 ET

...slaad, that never happens except in cheesy pornos.

2002-12-14 12:48:34 ET

i guess it wouldnt hurt to try it

-cough- turbo...why dont you nurse me back to health, eh?

2002-12-14 12:49:30 ET



2002-12-14 13:03:18 ET

It happens to me like... all the time, Turbo :P

That's the spirit AT, don't let Turbo's lies get to you ;)

2002-12-14 13:04:41 ET

hrm....whatever you say, slaady boy

2002-12-14 13:29:00 ET

ok boys...less talk, more action

-que sleazy porn music-

2002-12-14 13:33:30 ET

just as long as it's not talky action - bleh

2002-12-14 13:34:40 ET

hmmm <wiggles eyebrows>


so hmm

my mind is blank!

2002-12-14 17:06:21 ET

insomnia: not into the talkers eh?

turbo: i think we took that to is natural conclusion. lets move on

2002-12-14 17:10:45 ET

talkers are annoying

unless it's a real discussion or something... philosophizing...

2002-12-14 17:29:23 ET

during sex?

2002-12-14 18:00:25 ET


2002-12-14 19:22:02 ET

I wish more girls felt like that.

2002-12-15 00:46:09 ET

whatever. i got denied! -feels bad-

2002-12-15 02:46:35 ET

poop. well dont give up!

2002-12-15 05:07:38 ET

game over

2002-12-15 09:05:12 ET

DENIED?!?!?!?! What are you talking about? You asked and she flat out said no?

2002-12-15 09:18:42 ET

pretty much! exact words: i dont think that would be a good idea. i was shocked. so i asked why? and again: i dont think that would be a good idea. which probably means that she doesnt like me, she is involved with someone, or she likes me too much. i dunno but i swung and missed big time.

2002-12-15 09:28:36 ET

I got a better idea. But you didn't answer my PM.

2002-12-15 09:28:45 ET

At least you went for it! I'm sure you got something out the experience.

2002-12-15 09:53:27 ET

insomnia: i thought you were joking!

sin: yea, you gotta go for it

2002-12-15 09:54:04 ET

not joking.

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