you know by now, it takes a lot to see me hurt
2002-12-17 10:53:07 ET

nyquil is some powerful stuff. i felt so woozy this morning. again it was freezing in my bedroom. had to get up in the middle of the night and put on my hoodie! my 'tape a garbage bag on top of the AC vent' strategy is not going as well as i had hoped. i have a lot of projects due for hydra this week. the UK is chomping at the bit for me to send them files. except i have none! they are all with other people and now i am at their collective mercy. this is why i dont like working with others! and my own boss is sabatoging my efforts! ive sent him 5 jackets to approve today alone and no response! wtf! does he want them done or not? eh, work sure no one wants to hear about it. just needed to vent a bit.

2002-12-17 12:05:36 ET

my job is too stupid to stress about

2002-12-17 12:27:31 ET

what do you do?

2002-12-17 12:40:20 ET

fast food middle management...welcome to mediocrity

2002-12-17 12:45:22 ET

ahhh, i never worked fast food before. well, almost. i worked at 7-11 for 2 years!

2002-12-17 12:46:18 ET


I'm high as a kite and my teeth are green. Merry fucking Christmas.

2002-12-17 12:47:26 ET

i got the grape flavor i think. i was out like a light. then at 6 am i woke up shivering. ack!

2002-12-17 12:49:21 ET

I down approximately 1000 cc's pure NYQUIL OXIDE on the plane returning from London in hopes of Narcotic/Analgesic results.

*Bing-Bong, three hours later I was wide-eyed and watching Minority Report for the second time.

2002-12-17 12:52:14 ET

awww...nyquil still works for me. havent abused it enough,i guess

but after this winter, who knows? i am getting mad sick...i NEVER get sick

2002-12-17 12:59:07 ET

aww, i hope you feel better soon!

2002-12-17 13:02:54 ET

Everyone in NYC is sick. You're sick Gus, I'm sick...
I can't seem to get better. NO matter how many layers of clothing/vitamins I take.


2002-12-17 13:36:46 ET

squee: thanks, i hope so too

storm: its the wretched weather

2002-12-17 13:47:23 ET

welcome! :)

2002-12-17 14:20:01 ET

yeah, this cold, it's like unwanted leftovers rotting in the fridge... nobody wants it and you just can't seem to get rid of it either...

2002-12-17 14:42:18 ET

im sick of winter already! bring the spring!

2002-12-17 16:53:53 ET

Rotton Leftovers (*cue that scene from REPULSION*)
Today, I truly felt that I would withdraw my pink-nailed toes from my boots to find
blackened, dead nerved remains. TOO cold to be legal.

2002-12-17 17:29:34 ET was a doozy. im gong to bed with my hoodie on! after a hot shower

2002-12-18 11:24:45 ET

awww hope you feel bouncy again soon az! 8-)
yes we need sun!! i just got snow 2 days ago,it's winter here in my part of cali,ehkkk. robo frying is excelent!
hey but if you only want it to help yur cold and not fry,
then you might as well use this method that really works better:
melt butter and honey,then put a bunch of lemon juice in it and down 1 to 2 spoonfulls when needed,it's healthyer,
tates a bit better,and cheaper! hope you try it! peace

2002-12-18 12:32:29 ET

thank you! i'll give it a try! =)

2002-12-19 14:54:13 ET

cool! yeah my boyfriend got strep throat,
and it's been helping somewhat!

2002-12-19 22:10:08 ET mean your husband???

2002-12-20 11:59:16 ET of my 2 boyfriends! :) LOL hehehehe
i do have a husband too tho!
gosh i'm a lucky girl!lol *naughty laugh*

2002-12-20 12:05:01 ET

wow! that rules! you must be very satisfied! ;P

2002-12-20 12:07:58 ET

yes,if only all of us would have such luck in the relationship and sex zone!! heh
i just got my second boy,like a week ago!! woowie!
i'm pretty jazzed about it!
so how is az today!?
and what's this work UK thing??
(i'm curious,coz UK is my home fo show)

2002-12-20 12:14:06 ET

wow, i am happy for you! i need some luvin =(

im ok...tired. went out last night when i shouldnt have. i am a bad boy.

anyway, i do some work with the BBC...with their publishing division.

and how are you today? well, aside from the obvious -grins-

2002-12-20 12:24:13 ET

heheheheheh!!! (gives you big hugs!) *also grins,really big*
bbc,that's a tv channel right!?! it's been so long since iv'e watched tv in uk,but i think that's it!!
so why are you a bad boy!? lol is it that you are still sick and went out?? whatcha do lastnight?
i'm pritty good today,considering it's the second day that i'm snowed in and stuck! but my husband should be back soon to intertain me!! lol

2002-12-21 10:18:55 ET

yea, i went to zenwarp for the two towers release party. it was lame. i should have been home, asleep. yes, the bbc is a tv station in the UK.

-hugs- thanks! =)

and have fun!!!

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