whispers in the dark
2002-12-18 13:09:36 ET

i feel like i have been beat about the neck and shoulders. stress! been running on fumes all day. havent eaten lunch yet. still woozy from the nyquil i took last night. just rushed out 3 books and 4 covers. and now i gotta get down on the dickens biography (whole lotta fun there!). blah i say! all this and i havent seen lord of the taste yet! i hope to feel better for friday. at this rate, i am going to run myself into the ground. arg. so....hungry.....

2002-12-18 13:15:30 ET

you should come here and have dinner with me on my "lunch" break. . .

and come out tomorrow.

2002-12-18 13:17:57 ET

Insomnia knows where the advice is at.

2002-12-18 13:46:01 ET

insomnia: i aint goin nowhere...i am so beat. side effect of old age, ya know. and we'll see about tomorrow. i am a bit soft on the dough-rae-me

slaad: dude her work is like 20 minutes away on the subway!

2002-12-18 13:51:51 ET

You're closer to me than Slaad is, Gus ;-)

And Storm can put you on the list for tomorrow if you ask -

2002-12-18 13:56:38 ET

that is true...n i dont wanna ask storm for list unless i am absolutely sure i am going. i know i hate it when my friends dont even bother to show up WHEN THEY ARE ON THE LIST!

2002-12-18 14:05:57 ET

Nyquil junkie.

2002-12-18 14:12:55 ET

back off man! i only need it once a day...thats it man,...totally casual

2002-12-18 14:19:02 ET

I only do Nyquil socially.


2002-12-18 14:24:04 ET

stress sux0rz

2002-12-18 15:08:43 ET

For a couple weeks sometime this year I recall I was taking NyQuil every night to sleep and Raine was taking Stackers every morn to get up - together, we woulda been a functional person. . .

NyQuil rocks.

2002-12-18 15:23:38 ET

bio: yea, me too

turbo: yea dude...i am feeling under the gun

insomnia: nyquil is really a narcotic. i was so high last night from it

2002-12-18 15:28:22 ET

I know it is Az, I used to come into work feeling "hungover" from it. .

2002-12-18 15:28:27 ET

Bwaaha. Some of my friends were doing Robotusin (sp?) the other night. Silly fucks.

AT: 20 minutes isn't far. That's how far it is for me to get to Sydney.

2002-12-18 15:32:38 ET

insomnia: i was definately 'hung over' from it today. woozy

slaad: ive heard people downing a bottle of tussin and just tripping. sydney? australia?

2002-12-18 15:36:35 ET

I'm not sure what the deal is with Robotussin (eg. It's use for narcotic purposes). But yeah...

Yup, Sydney, Australia. *heart*.

2002-12-18 15:41:29 ET

there is one ingredient in robotussin which is a hallucenegenic. if you drink enough of it, you start seriously tripping.

nice! i'd like to visit one day

2002-12-18 15:45:39 ET

It's funny the shit you can get fucked up on that can be bought at the local shop.

It's an uber nice place to live. Although housing prices are in in the top ten higest in the world. Bleh!

2002-12-18 15:50:20 ET

yikes! is it a fun place to visit?

2002-12-18 15:51:41 ET

I sell drugs.

2002-12-18 15:54:34 ET

I don't know, I've never visited :)

A friend of mine visited, she had a blast. Was also amazed that we have a blue sky, instead of a putrid grey :)

2002-12-18 15:58:31 ET

bio: HOOK a brutha up!

slaad: nice! maybe one day i'll have enough green to make it out that far. one can dream

2002-12-18 16:14:19 ET

Huzzah! Sydney SK met ;)

2002-12-18 16:35:27 ET

...yay.. the nyquil song!!..

2002-12-18 17:39:49 ET

Awww...as someone who currently knows all about being sick I feel your pain!:( I hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself!

2002-12-18 18:49:57 ET

slaad: one day soon

unspoiled: nyquil song?

state: aww, you feel better too! youve had it far worse from what i gather. dont worry about me!

2002-12-18 19:34:07 ET

no no....I'm *too* mom like not to worry about ya!;)...and after all I think me being sick turned into pnuemonia from not taking care of my self properly which is why you must!!!!Okay?

2002-12-19 07:59:56 ET

ok =) thats why i am NOT going to zenwarp tonight...just dinner with the sk crew. i have to be better by the weekend. and i really hope that you are feeling better!!!

2002-12-19 09:42:33 ET

yay! dinner with SK crew! please make it out. :]

2002-12-19 09:54:40 ET

i hope to. my work is killing me. and i have bling problems which i am working out right now.

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