and i got your kiss -still- burning on my lips
2002-12-20 08:29:32 ET

dinner with krew at tasty chinese place. cant remember the name right this second. the dinner was by far the best part of the evening. i should have enjoyed and left. lured into TTT party at zenwarp. in the immortal wprd of bio=FARCE! total waste of bling and sleep time. who charges $8 bucks for domestic beer? that aside, the music for the most part was WACK. the crowd was WACK. the only cool peeps in the whole joint was my beloved krew. GO SK.NET <3

more adventures tonight at QXT's. after dinner with peeps from out of town.

2002-12-20 08:33:07 ET

I love chinese food. ...Who did you kiss?

2002-12-20 08:36:11 ET

Dinner was awesome.
Zenwarp was, dare I say, farsical.

2002-12-20 08:45:57 ET

-climbs rope-


2002-12-20 08:46:25 ET

utopia: i dont kiss and tell!

bio: no kidding....didnt i say that we should have cut out? you should listen to your elders. i blame the whole farce on you btw.

2002-12-20 08:47:50 ET

die cyber: you coming out tonight, right?

2002-12-20 08:48:58 ET

I'm going to TRY. Since, I'm carless I'm gonna have to leech a ride back to my house, since crashing at Damian's is currently NOT an option.

But I probably am.

2002-12-20 08:49:44 ET

Stupid me.
I was just anxious 'cause I haven't gone out in weeks.
Well, at least the entrance was free.

And I'll reiterate, that was the fucking best harp / rope climbing performance I've seen in a long time.

2002-12-20 08:50:10 ET

Oooh, good choice. ;)

2002-12-20 08:56:51 ET

Bio: You actually willingly ended up at Projektfest!

2002-12-20 08:59:50 ET

Didn't make it out to Projektfest.
but did see Black Tape for a Blue Girl perform at Virgin. :P

Projekt started me on the long, fateful road!

2002-12-20 09:01:57 ET

die cyber: feh, you will come out. or there will be spankings

bio: ditto on the harp. just needed a bit of distortion. and no need for anxiousness. there will always be more parties.

utopia: i see you are picking up what i am putting down ;P

2002-12-20 09:02:37 ET

I catch on quickly.

2002-12-20 09:05:42 ET

bio: i had no idea you were a closet GOTH

utopia: i really didnt kiss anyone. it was just the song i was listening to at the time. hehe

2002-12-20 09:06:41 ET

I'll take Projekt over Metropolis anyday.

2002-12-20 09:07:21 ET


2002-12-20 09:19:32 ET

bio: i will of course have to call you BIO-GOTH from now on

utopia: i know, im terrible

2002-12-20 09:20:54 ET

Lycia is sooo much better than VNV. :P

2002-12-20 09:22:02 ET

oh brother...i am gonna have SO much fun with this. be prepared

2002-12-20 09:22:48 ET

Dark atmospheres are soo much better than trance-pop.
And you know it.

2002-12-20 09:23:51 ET

i told you for the last time! i dont know anything ;P

2002-12-20 09:58:32 ET

Somehow I feel that I deserve the credit for the creation ov "Bio-Goth".

Drama has been ammended..I *AM* coming out tonight.

2002-12-20 09:58:58 ET


2002-12-20 10:01:05 ET

im willing to share credit with you in outing BIO lol!

good, youve avoided the spankings for now ;P

2002-12-20 10:02:12 ET

So, uhh, did you borrow that bag, or was that your London After Midnight patch?

2002-12-20 10:41:24 ET

uh-oh. lets not squabble! there's nothing wrong with being goth

2002-12-20 10:46:08 ET


2002-12-20 10:54:40 ET

i like certain goth music. im not ashamed!

2002-12-20 11:06:06 ET

Projekt in the hizouse.

2002-12-20 11:13:05 ET

so you gonna spot me some bling for tonight...since you have been making mad profits off of your CD collection?

2002-12-20 11:27:28 ET

No dice.
Save yourself some bling and don't drink. ; )
Or have drunkenChris buy you drinks.

I have to spread my personal bling to businesses for upcoming Holiday.

2002-12-20 11:31:31 ET

I can spare you a LAM shirt, bio. I have 3.

2002-12-20 11:32:58 ET

bio: damn you!!! and i'd take die cyber's offer! free shit!

2002-12-20 11:56:11 ET

I take all free things.

On another note: Anyone want to buy a LAM shirt?

2002-12-20 12:06:31 ET

if it comes with an alcohalic beverage, i'll consider it

2002-12-20 12:11:19 ET

I used to have a LAM shirt. I didn't think anyone would want to buy it so I threw it away. ha!

*everyone* is coming out tonight

the dinner place was called Rosie & Ting's, and since everyone liked it I declare it the official Chinese food place - agreed? We should go there all the time. ..

2002-12-20 12:14:59 ET

yea, that place rocks! i totally dig it.

2002-12-20 13:23:25 ET

i'm tired

2002-12-20 14:23:40 ET

take a nap before you go out tonight, storm? ;-)

azrael, got some smooches, eh? so was it worth it after all then?

2002-12-20 15:38:35 ET

i better see all you suckaz tonight

2002-12-20 16:30:42 ET

Time for a nap.
I never really ate lunch either... o_0 Hungry. :)

2002-12-20 16:49:41 ET

you will nacht. . . IF you're sober enough to see by time we arrive...

2002-12-20 16:52:27 ET

*pats head*

2002-12-21 10:06:56 ET

nach: see, we did show up! it was cool to hang with everyone.

2002-12-22 15:04:08 ET

yeah, no doubt, you people gotta come out more often!

2002-12-22 15:49:35 ET

hell yea! it was good times

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