if you dont believe in the existance of evil...
2002-12-22 10:02:59 ET

its like spring outside! WTF!

friday: after work, headed out to the mountain, hung out with various peeps...mostly went to see DEE a friend from way back who is back in town from nevada. also talked a bit with tony who just got dfrom a trip to europe. lucky bastard. chrissie dropped by. i dropped her off at funhouse while i met the sk.net crew on the street by the PATH. we roll up into Q's. i was surprised to see many peeps...mostly the old EK crew (tom, jarv, kaliss) and even JEN! wow, it felt like i knew everyone there. cool. crashed at STORMS motel. touched bio's man boob. not a satisfying grab...like half a handful. i want more! came home and did some laundry. made it out to see TTT. awesome! they diverged from the book even more this time, but it was well done. lord of the TASTE. now have scads of work to do by tomorrow. blah.

2002-12-22 10:05:32 ET

<3 tom <3

Didn't he move back to TX though? wtf?

Friday rocked. Even the train ride, where we amused the other traingoers by talking loudly the whole time about SEX, was fun.

2002-12-22 10:07:12 ET

yea, tom came up for christmas. i knew he was in town...but i didnt think he'd roll out to q's!

yea that train ride was mad funny...especially how digit found his way back to us!

2002-12-22 10:11:17 ET

I was thinking about the ride there, not back. Back was sad and delirious, but not funny. Sorry about breaking up on you though for a moment, that was pretty dumb little girl of me, but I couldn't help it.

Tom wore blue jeans too. Ha!

2002-12-22 10:13:07 ET

oh right! i thought you meant the ride back.

on the way there, everyone was looking at us like we were on crack

2002-12-22 11:55:19 ET

Yeah, now a bunch of PATH train riders know about the flowchart.

It's so nice outside.

And bioManBoob is not a toy!

2002-12-22 12:00:53 ET

dude you owe me...i redeemed all of my points and i dont even get one decent touch. i call FARCE on your friend points. their value is less than the mexican peso!

and im not officially on the flowchart, remember?

2002-12-22 12:03:54 ET

mexican peso


I'll bring you guys back some from CA...

2002-12-22 12:09:49 ET

bring back some dirty sluts while you are at it. for bio's sake...yea, thats the ticket...for bio's sake

2002-12-22 12:10:40 ET

Re More Child Molestation: No dice!

No way, man. BioFriendPoints are pure gold.

You are now on the flowchart. Enjoy!

2002-12-22 12:13:33 ET

There's two flowcharts, kids, v.clubslut and v.clubwh0re - Az is on the first.

And Az, you go to Batcave every week, and you're asking me to find you dirty sluts? You're at the mecca of dirtyslutland, and it took us to incorporate you into the fold. ::sighs::

Biofriendpoints are useless. I have yet to find anything to redeem them for.

2002-12-22 12:19:33 ET

biofriendpoints are the ultimate farce!

flowchart v1...hmm, i guess thats not too bad

there's dirty sluts at batcave? i gotta stop being hammered whenever i go there.

2002-12-22 12:20:52 ET

The dirtysluts are easier when you are hammered, Az. There are sooo many! I would share my old ones, but um, wrong gender. Ask Ben though, I'm sure he could point you to a few female ones.

2002-12-22 12:24:23 ET

that place is so weird. i never hook up there! i'm not exactly sure why, but i'll have to investigate the matter.

2002-12-22 12:27:42 ET

It is weird. I always feel like I should be doing it. I only ever have when I go there and say "damnit I will find someone to have meaningless sex with tonight." It doesn't always work, but if I don't think that, nothing never happens. Sometimes I only get fooling around out of the deal, but that's usually more fun anyway.

no more though. fuck them.

2002-12-22 12:29:09 ET

People who hook up at the Batcave are monsters.

2002-12-22 12:42:48 ET

i guess i should apply myself! i usually dont even think about that so maybe thats why

bio: didnt YOU hook up there :x

2002-12-22 12:44:47 ET

No dice.

2002-12-22 12:48:19 ET

Does it count as a hook up if you don't go home w/them? How about if you do but not that night?

2002-12-22 12:50:20 ET

i consider a hook up as making out with someone at the club

bio: did u lose your dice again?

2002-12-22 12:51:50 ET

Thanks for the clarification, Az. I'm more Batcave-dirty than I thought. ::laughs::

2002-12-22 12:53:06 ET

no wonder you hate going there! youve probably exhausted your supply of makeout partners!

2002-12-22 12:55:10 ET

Yeah Ben ran out of hot friends.

That and I can't take over the stage anymore, now that DJ Tylenol (Mythmoron) runs it.

2002-12-22 12:57:22 ET

HAHAHA! yea, that guy is a sucker

2002-12-22 16:27:36 ET

...i don't see how anyone would want to hook up with most of the people at batcave...they're really pretty gross...especially because i know where they've been (o_O)


2002-12-22 16:35:45 ET

especially the pineapples..well most of them

2002-12-22 16:36:32 ET

much agreed...they're the most inbred litter of puppies i've ever seen

2002-12-22 16:42:36 ET

yea, i really try to avoid that crowd as much as possible

2002-12-22 23:08:21 ET

So do I.

I hate them, hate them all.

2002-12-23 06:50:54 ET

B! hate is such a strong word. more like quietly pity from afar.

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