i am your timekiller
2002-12-30 07:07:27 ET

since my last post: friday night was the mega-chill at the mountain. good company, good drinks...i got fucked up. came home very late/early and slept saturday away. then downtime at night. i was glad to see sk.net krew out in full force. it was surprising, but in a good way =) i <3 sk.net peeps. the night was a blur...drugs and alcohal will do that to a body. but i do remember having scads of fun. discovered that some of the house parties i promised to attend are way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere...might have to pass on those. but i will be at insomnia house for sure.

btw: thanks for everyone who had nice things to say about symbiotic. hearts to all of you.

2002-12-30 07:09:12 ET

pineapple luvvvvvv....

2002-12-30 07:09:51 ET

you also <3 bio despite his noticable ABSCENCE.

</and one remix>

2002-12-30 07:11:50 ET

storm: hey, that was all her!

bio: dude, you missed a good time! even you would have had fun

i am down with the and one remix, btw..by far the best one

2002-12-30 07:12:22 ET

Insomniahouse = better than every other party

2002-12-30 07:14:58 ET

Agreed. *nod*
Spinthebottlemania to ensue.

Furax and I were covertly snickering at your pineapple philanderings. Celibate indeed... *snort*

2002-12-30 07:16:15 ET

I am shocked I missed a good night at the Farcecave.

I don't think this spin the bottle game is appropriate.

2002-12-30 07:19:05 ET

insomnia: no doubt, it'll be fun

storm: still celibate! i am still master of my domain

bio: yea dude, where were you?

2002-12-30 07:20:49 ET

He was at home.
Being underaged.

2002-12-30 07:22:42 ET

bio: will you please age like 3 years already?


2002-12-30 07:23:38 ET

Not for long...

2002-12-30 07:25:08 ET


2002-12-30 07:25:37 ET

</date rape>

2002-12-30 07:26:05 ET

I think Bio will have to have a timeout during spin the bottle. 18+ only. No NYU IDs accepted.

2002-12-30 07:28:16 ET

</fear storm>

insomnia: good policy...you hear that bio? NO DICE

2002-12-30 07:31:02 ET


But I don't want to be excluded. :[

And I only have to age 2 years. humph.

2002-12-30 07:33:55 ET

Sorry Bio. We won't make you face the wall. However, if you bring anyone else under 18, you can have your own kiddtoucher spin the bottle.

2002-12-30 07:35:02 ET

I'll be the lonely guy in the corner crying.

2002-12-30 07:37:14 ET

Okay emo boi.

2002-12-30 07:42:38 ET

My fortune cookie reads: "You are offered the dream of a lifetime. Say yes!"

What does it mean? %#^@

2002-12-30 07:52:56 ET

EMO BIO! lol

we only tease you because you are cool

2002-12-30 07:53:53 ET

<3 bio <3

2002-12-30 08:02:49 ET

'cause sometims I don't know if you are teasing are not and if you really <3 me you wouldn't make fun. :P

just kidding. :P

2002-12-30 08:03:50 ET

obviously we souldnt hang out with you if we thought you were a chump ;p

2002-12-30 08:05:35 ET

<3 Bio <3
With every inch of my manhood...

2002-12-30 08:09:27 ET

Well you could be like.
"Hmm, when we hang out ... I think we need a chump to make fun of!"
And then some one says, "I know! Let's get bio! He's the chumpiest!"

2002-12-30 08:12:46 ET

damn, you found out our deep dark secret ;p

2002-12-30 09:59:14 ET

Well what else are we supposed to do when Nacht isn't around?

2002-12-30 10:02:50 ET

lol! we are all going to hell

<3 bio & nacht <3

2002-12-30 10:04:28 ET

New rule: You can only make fun of people shorter than you.

2002-12-30 10:10:27 ET

no dice

2002-12-30 10:10:49 ET

ok. ::puts on stilettos::

2002-12-30 10:25:42 ET

::puts on fifteen inch heel pineapple boots::

2002-12-30 10:35:36 ET

::knocks bio down::

leave it to the pros, Bio

::winks at Storm::

2002-12-30 10:37:03 ET

::wields extensions and glowsticks::


2002-12-30 10:43:54 ET

bio: you are a man of many subkultures...goth, rivet, emo and now pineapple


2002-12-30 10:44:00 ET

Ha! I fucking new it... the warm, aromatic stench of your hair gave it away.

::hangs out with Justine barefoot::
We don't need no stinking stilettos...

2002-12-30 10:45:01 ET

i'd love to see bio as a pineapple

2002-12-30 10:45:19 ET

::buys a minor threat and paul van dyk cd::

You can throw punk & raver on there now.

this new year's eve.

*pineapple = how he normally dresses.

2002-12-30 10:46:47 ET


2002-12-30 10:50:20 ET

I didn't know Fidel was a pineapple.

2002-12-30 10:57:51 ET

if anyone can pull fidel as a pineapple, its bio

2002-12-30 12:11:57 ET

you kids are a nightmare

2002-12-30 13:15:47 ET

once again im responding way too late buuut...symbiotic ownz (-:

2002-12-30 14:46:44 ET

I'm going to go out on a limb here and agree with anima.

2002-12-30 16:44:09 ET

Egad, the pinapple infection is spreading......

2002-12-30 16:49:30 ET


post d242: bio
post bio: drinking and smoking; d242
post d242: PINEAPPLE

A vicious cycle.

2002-12-30 17:10:53 ET

If everyone became a pineapple after sleeping with me.....

There's be a lot more of the damn things around.

2002-12-30 17:14:20 ET

I think they have to kidtouch me first to complete the cycle.

2002-12-30 18:34:38 ET

No dice

2002-12-30 18:35:09 ET


2002-12-30 22:16:55 ET


2002-12-31 07:06:18 ET

There are a lot of them around... and they are all horrible!

::glares blamefully at 242::

2002-12-31 08:29:37 ET

if 242 is the cause of the pineapple infestation, we need to have a sit down

2002-12-31 12:21:53 ET

Yo, Gus, MADDDD props to you and Jarv on the Symbiotic material. I can't wait to hear more!!!

2002-12-31 12:34:51 ET

Wasn't me, yo.

Seems like DbD's ex is responsible....

2003-01-01 08:06:40 ET

mintermute: thanks dude! i heard that you started the dancefloor! nice!

2003-01-01 08:12:59 ET


Sounds like a delicious toothpaste.

2003-01-01 10:12:31 ET

Mute + mute = throw up

No give mint to the mute.

2003-01-01 10:31:45 ET

mintermute...hahah, my bad

2003-01-01 23:14:23 ET

Wintermint =]

2003-01-02 00:46:46 ET

wintergreen even?

speaking of which...what does winter have to do with green anyway?

2003-01-03 07:43:20 ET

dj wintermint! nice!!!

turbo: yea, thats a good question!

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