how far you've fallen
2003-01-02 07:19:45 ET

so bio and sickbox have described the night pretty well. i will not re-hash. i will add that the party was very fun and that i got to meet axo n morgan from the west coast and marshall from the east coast. also other west coast types but i cant remember their names for the life of me. good music, good snacks, tasty drinks, good company. spin the bottle was way fun! i've never played before but now i can say that i have. the three-way makeout rule was a cool twist. anyway, i escaped without ever having to nog bio so i feel i dodged a huge bullet there ;P

i spent new years day at my parents. lots of food and laying around. then home to relax and watch bad movies on tv. 2003 will be the year of symbiotic! unf

2003-01-02 07:26:16 ET

You know you wanted it, too. You did get somemanboob.

That guy had no name.
That other guy had no name.
The hippie dude's name was Brian.
The hippie chick's name was Kate.. uhm... :X


2003-01-02 08:06:23 ET

oh right, its starting to come back to me. i was getting a ron jeremy vibe off the other dude

2003-01-02 08:08:25 ET

I was a bit thankful he wasn't playing spin ze bottle. ; )

2003-01-02 08:15:13 ET

VERY thankful

2003-01-02 08:42:29 ET

I want the bio and azrael orgy right now

2003-01-02 08:49:34 ET

no dice ;P

2003-01-02 08:52:05 ET

And everyone was saying `No dice` as if to mock me.

2003-01-02 09:10:07 ET

its all part of the vernacular


2003-01-02 09:49:47 ET

happy new year, azrael

2003-01-02 10:03:22 ET

happy new year squee!!!! xoxo

2003-01-02 10:16:15 ET


2003-01-02 11:08:12 ET

you gave marshall the tongue.

2003-01-02 11:11:17 ET

i did?!?

2003-01-02 11:11:50 ET

You were really getting into it. :P

2003-01-02 11:12:52 ET

haha, he loved every second!

2003-01-02 11:39:15 ET

i hope someone caught that on camera!

2003-01-02 11:40:13 ET

i think storm may have...she was taking crazy pictures

2003-01-02 19:22:17 ET

I have you all on digital film. Every gory moment... except when the threesomes started happening. Then I got too tittilated to snap.
I snogged you all.

2003-01-02 20:23:31 ET

I want the one of me rapekissing Insomnia to put on my wall.

2003-01-02 20:36:54 ET


i want all the pics!!!

2003-01-02 20:42:15 ET

I call party at Storm's house to see the picturreezz.

2003-01-02 20:47:36 ET

boys kissing = hottttttttttt

2003-01-02 20:48:08 ET

I agree. *nod* We need to reconvene to rehash.
I don't have time to upload all these things onto el web...

2003-01-02 20:49:16 ET

I know.
You and your inferior modemthing.

Party at Storm's ... RIGHT NOW!
::goes on over::

2003-01-02 20:52:44 ET

Hahah... I am the snogmater....

I'm wearing frilly undies and new rocks for you, Bio....

2003-01-02 20:54:45 ET

squee: you would've creamed your pants...there were a lot of guys kissing!

bio: you horndog you...i'm surprised you didn't do you baboon leg hump on NYE

storm: oo la la

2003-01-02 20:57:05 ET

Fuck close naked tag, it's open naked tag over here!!

You got teabagged when you were passed out, Azrael.

2003-01-02 21:01:25 ET

ooooooh....i cream my pants thinking about it ;)

2003-01-02 21:15:18 ET

The Hottest Brotha's IN here....

2003-01-02 21:21:38 ET


2003-01-02 21:25:28 ET

this backround is adorable. azrael, you are so cute...i can't get over it. hehe.

2003-01-03 01:12:22 ET

hmm...i still need to play spin ze bottle...

2003-01-03 06:22:29 ET

squee: thanks!

storm: hey this pic actually came out pretty well! you must have nogged me some of your photogenic qualities.

bio: what is a teabag?!?

turbo: its more fun than it sounds...of course it helps to play with HAWT peeps

2003-01-03 06:36:23 ET

Yes, you are a super hot ninja!!
A teabag is when someone lays a nice, cool, refreshing scrotum on your eye. Usually whilst asleep/passed out. o_0

2003-01-03 07:25:18 ET

ahhh, i see. i thought it was a term for someone who is british!

2003-01-03 09:48:55 ET

Bio's just jealous that no one tea bagged him.

2003-01-03 09:52:03 ET

Always a teabagger, never a teabagee. :[

2003-01-03 09:54:32 ET

au contrair....i peeped digit get up in the middle of the night to teabag bio..i didnt know what he was doing at the time, but it is all clear to me now

2003-01-03 13:38:43 ET


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